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Trudie Lamb Richmond
{Trudie Lamb Richmond}
Trudie is a Native storyteller and museum educator specializing in Native American history and culture.  With a focus on Northeast tribal groups, her stories can serve as an important vehicle for teaching. In addition to classroom programs, she offers professional development workshops. Both are based on State Curriculum Frameworks and are designed for elementary and secondary grade levels.  Topics include, Unlearning Stereotypes; Thanksgiving and the Native Perspective and The Art of Storytelling and the Oral Tradition. Programs include visuals and a ‘culture’ pack basket filled with hands-on opportunities. Participants also receive updated information resource packets.

Requirements: : Space large enough for a group to sit in a circle. Professional development workshops require flipchart and markers.

Audience: Student Workshops – grades Pre K - 8; Professional Development Workshops - Elementary and Secondary teachers.  Limit 25 – 30 participants per session.

Fees: $500/session. Multiple day residencies starting at $400/day. One 3-hour Professional Development Workshop: $500.

Contact Information:
Trudie Lamb Richmond
Ledyard, CT