cche: CHE Committees

Commissioner: Brad Plebani
Objective: To determine whether state policies, procedures, activities and resource allocations dedicated to the elimination of health status disparities have the potential to improve the quality of health for all.
  • Conduct surveys of all state agencies whose purview is relevant to the elimination of health disparities.
  • Review the Department of Public Health's health disparities performance measures.
  • Develop recommendations toward a Plan of Action from findings.


Commissioner: Greg Stanton
Objective: To determine, from existing data, the key diseases, illnesses, and/or injury areas that disproportionately affect groups based on race, ethnicity, culture, and linguistic ability.
  • Collect and analyze government and other data regarding the health status if state residents based on race, ethnicity, linguistic ability, and gender.
  • Prioritize health areas that place a significantly impact state residents based on race, ethnicity, national origin, and linguistic ability.
  • Develop recommendations toward a Plan of Action from findings.

Commissioner: Glenn Cassis
Objectives: To analyze existing and potential legislation that impacts health equity for vulnerable populations.
To recommend to CHE legislative language that promotes health equity
  • Work closely with the Legislature and other members of the Connecticut Legislative body to ensure that legislation supports the goals and objectives of CHE.
  • Provide the Connecticut General Assembly with legislative briefings as new data from local and national health disparities research and policy emerge.
  • Collaborate with the Governor and the Connecticut General Assembly to create language to support the implementation of the National Health Care Reform Bill.

Commissioner: Sylvia Gafford-Alexander
Objectives: To develop a diverse budget that includes legislative, private, and public support.
  • Design a business plan that includes operational costs and support for community initiatives committed to the elimination of health disparities.
  • Develop partnerships with academic institutions for research and private/public for specific initiatives to eliminate health disparities.

Commissioner: Christine Palm 

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