cche: Strategy


In so far as populations experiencing racial, ethnic, and linguistic disparities in health are affected, the Commission on Health Equity will:


(1) Review and comment on any proposed state legislation and regulations;


(2) Review and comment on the Department of Public Health's health disparities performance measures;


(3) Advise and provide information to the Governor and the General Assembly on the state's policies;


(4) Work as a liaison between populations and state agencies;


(5) Evaluate policies, procedures, activities and resource allocations to convene and advise the directors and commissioners of all state agencies;


(6) Prepare and submit to the Governor and General Assembly an annual report,

in accordance with section 11-4a of the general statutes, that provides both a retrospective and prospective view of health disparities and the state's efforts to ameliorate identifiable disparities;


(7) Explore successful programs in other sectors and states, and pilot and provide grants for new creative programs that may diminish or contribute to the elimination of health disparities;


(8) Collect and analyze government and other data regarding the health status of residents including access, services and outcomes in private and public health care institutions within the state, including, but not limited to, the data collected by the Connecticut Health Information Network;


(9) Draft and recommend proposed legislation, regulations and other policies designed to address disparities in health status; and


(10) Conduct hearings and interviews, and receive testimony, regarding matters pertinent to the mission.

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