cbicc: Council Members

Council Members


Louis Manzione, Chairman

Dean, College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture

University of Hartford

Appointed by the House Speaker


Robert P. Vietzke, Vice Chairman

Executive Director, Network Services, Internet2

Appointed by the Governor


Michael A. Chowaniec

Area Director, Government Affairs – CT, Cablevision

Appointed by the Senate Minority Leader


Burton B. Cohen

Partner, Murtha Cullina LLP

Appointed by the Senate President


Robert Earley

Director of Government Relations – Comcast

Appointed by the House Minority Leader


John R. Emra

Regional Vice President, AT&T

Appointed by the House Speaker


Jack McCoy

CIO, Town of Manchester

Appointed by the Senate Majority Leader


Matt Miller


Appointed by the Senate President


Anthony M. Santino

Independent businesses

Appointed by the Governor


William L. Vallée Jr.

Broadband Policy & Programs Coordinator, Office of Consumer Counsel

Appointed by the House Majority Leader



Representing the Chairman of the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC)

Peter Pescosolido

Chief of Utility Regulation


Representing the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (OPM)

Patrick O’Brien

Office of Finance, OPM

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