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CAES in the News

April 21, 2018--Warmer weather means rise of ticks - and reminders to be vigilant

April 20, 2018--Health Official Cautions Residents That Ticks Are ‘Springing’

April 18, 2018--Milford takes steps to control mosquito population

April 18, 2018--City kicks off mosquito control measures

April 12, 2018--The ‘Anti-Dirty Dozen’ Guide – Facts And Figures Behind The Numbers

April 4, 2018--Blumenthal: Rate of detection for Lyme disease in ticks increased

April 4, 2018--Tick season is just around the corner

April 3, 2018--Germ-free mosquito developed as a weapon in disease fight
March 13, 2018--Hartford's Borer-Infested Ash Trees Are Coming Down

March 5, 2018--Robert Miller: A good season for making maple syrup

February 28, 2018--Mild temps means ticks are coming back

February 27, 2018--Tick problems already starting

February 19, 2018--Taking the fight to fire blight

February 15, 2018--A bad new bug, a glowing plant, and flytraps without flies: The latest in gardening research

February 12, 2018-- Study ID’s Several Bed Bug Repellents That Could Keep Your Luggage Pest-Free

January 26, 2018--Cold snap gives hemlocks a fighting chance

January 18, 2018--CT Weekly AG Report: Evolution of CT Hops Industry on Display at Annual Growers' Meeting

January 12, 2018--Why the Variety of Tick Hosts in Your Back Yard Might Be a Good Thing

January 9, 2018--The extreme cold might help tick population

January 3, 2018--Bone-chilling’ weather unlikely to kill off ticks before spring, researchers say

January 2, 2018--Icy weather could be help with Candlewood Lake weed problem

December 16, 2017--Robert Miller: Don’t pick that princess pine

November 9, 2017--Early threat assessments understated Asian tiger mosquito’s ability to spread Zika virus to humans

November 3, 2017--Baking soda washes pesticides from apples

October 26, 2017--Summer bees vulnerable to nanoparticles in fuel additives

October 25, 2017--Op-Ed: Seeing a connection among deer, ticks and disease

October 20, 2017--Why One Plant May Be Fueling the Spread of Lyme Disease
October 20, 2017--Death of 5 red oaks killed by gypsy moths could have silver lining

October 19, 2017--Is This Invasive Shrub A Deer Tick Haven?

October 18, 2017--Report of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Connecticut for the year

October 17, 2017--Positive Mosquitoes for Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Detected in Eastern Connecticut

October 17, 2017--Connecticut scientists get $469K federal grant to fight apple tree disease

October 17, 2017--Eastern equine encephalitis found in mosquitoes in eastern Connecticut

October 17, 2017--Mile-A-Minute Vine Invades Fairfield Hills

October 13, 2017--Before ex-Beatle Paul McCartney canceled a concert in the Yale Bowl, beetle grubs almost ruined Yale’s football season

October 10, 2017--Robert Miller: The life and unpredicting times of woolly bear caterpillars 

October 8, 2017--Did warm weather worsen fall allergy season?

October 7, 2017--Milfoil problem better in Candlewood and Squantz, but worse in Lillinonah

October 3, 2017--Town officials to offer “Healthy Yards” workshop

October 2, 2017--Robert Miller: Fungus could affect — but not stop — autumn foliage display

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