CAES: Plant Science Day

Plant Science Day

AUGUST 2, 2000

Lockwood Farm, Hamden

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Claire C. Bennitt
Chair, South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
Taking a Closer Look at Connecticut's Drinking Water


West Nile Virus in Connecticut Theodore G. Andreadis
West Nile virus was found in birds and mosquito in Connecticut during the fall 1999. The response to this outbreak and surveillance during 2000 will be discussed.
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Threat of Exotic Beetles Chris T. Maier
Some new exotic beetles discovered in the East potentially can have devastating effects on gardens and forests in Connecticut.

Growing Wine Grapes in Connecticut Richard K. Kiyomoto
Growing conditions, training methods, and cultivars selection will be discussed.

Controlling Invasive Lake Weeds Gregory J. Bugbee, Jason C. White
This is the second year of a project to control weeds in a lake. The results and monitoring methods will be discussed.


Gardening in Containers Thomas M. Rathier
Learn about the science behind the success in growing both edible and ornamental plants in containers.
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Basic Techniques for Propagating Plants Sharon M. Douglas
Basic techniques used to propagate many common indoor and outdoor plants will be demonstrated.


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