CAES: Forestry and Horticulture

Forestry and Horticulture

The foresters and horticulturists of the Station seek new crops for Connecticut farms and nurseries, learn how to accelerate and prolong the ripening of crops, and how to manage the forest to a desired composition. They also study the impact of the gypsy moth, diseased and disturbance upon our suburban forests. State forests contain experiments with the effects of insects, diseases of trees, and the natural changes, renewal and growth of our forests.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Department of Forestry & Horticulture
Slate Laboratory
123 Huntington Street
P.O. Box 1106
New Haven, CT 06504-1106
Fax: (203) 974-8502

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Ward, Jeffrey S.: Chief Scientist, Department Head, Station Forester
Voice: (203) 974-8495

Barsky, Joseph P.: Agricultural Research Technician II
Voice: (203) 974-8540

Bravo, Joan L.: Agricultural Research Technician I
Voice: (203) 974-8486

Maynard, Abigail A.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
Voice: (203) 974-8516

Short, Michael R.: Agricultural Research Technician II
Voice: (203) 974-8538

Williams, Scott C.: Associate Agricultural Scientist
Voice: (203) 974-8609

Gent, Martin P.N.
Voice: (203) 974-8489

Hill, David E.

Waggoner, Paul E.
Voice: (203) 444-2908

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