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Products Registered for Varroa Mite Control
Mark H. Creighton, Apiary Inspector


Varroa Mite (Varroa destructor) continues to be an important problem for Connecticut beekeepers. In 2013, heavy mite infestations were detected by The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Stationís bee inspector Mark H. Creighton.  The varroa mite is a vector over 23 different bee viruses and plays a vital role in declining bee health.  Varroa mite loads in honey bee hives need to be assessed several times and appropriate Integrated Pest Managements techniques employed.

There are six materials currently registered in Connecticut for the control of varroa mite. These are Apistan, Mite Away, Check Mite +, Sucrocide, Apilife var, and Apivar.  One product, Checkmite + is also registered for the control of Small Hive Beetle.  Only one product, Mite Away Quick Strips can be used with the honey super on the hive.  Please use all products in a manner consistent with its labeling.

Rotation of the products may help offset the development of resistance by the mites due to over use of a single chemical.  Should you have any questions, please contact Mark Creighton our Apiary Inspector at


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