CAES: Pattagansett Lake, East Lyme 2013

Pattagansett Lake, East Lyme - 2013

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   Pattagansett Lake is a 128 acre lake in East Lyme, CT. Residential development and road surround much of the shoreline. There is a public boat ramp on the southern portion of the lake and an RV campground on the southeast peninsula. At the northern end of the lake is Camp Pattagansett, which is a camp for Girl Scouts that has a beach and swim area. The lake is a bass management area and has fishing tournaments at the state launch. Regular crew practices by the East Lyme High School are also held on the lake throughout the week.

   The 2013 vegetative survey of Pattagansett Lake was a resurvey from 2006 (2006 Survey). The 2013 survey found 32 plant species compared to 25 species in 2006. Similar to 2006, the only invasive found was Myriophyllum heterophyllum (Variable watermilfoil). The dominant vegetation was Potamogeton robbinsii (Robin’s pondweed), M. heterophyllum, Utricularia gibba (humped bladderwort), and Utricularia purpurea (eastern purple bladderwort).

   M. heterophyllum increased in abundance, from several patches in 2006 to one large continuous patch around the lake. The plant was found growing in up to 4 m of water and covers the entire southern portion, northwest arm, and southeast cove. M. heterophyllum was present on 60 % of the transect points, compared to 27 % in 2006.

   Similarly, P. robinsii expanded since 2006 and grows continuously all around the lake in up to 4 meters of water, including the entire southern portion. P. robbinsii was present on 47 % of the transect points.

   Since the 2006 survey, U. gibba and U. purpurea increased in abundance from small to large patches around the entire lake. U. gibba was present on 58 % of the transect points compared to 40 % in 2006 and U. purpurea was present on 28 % of the points compared to 19 % in 2006.

   The northwest arm and southernmost portion of the lake are difficult to navigate as they are extremely shallow (less than 1 m of water) and have become filled with plants and floating mounds of sediment causing eutrophication. Nymphaea odorata (white water lily), Brasenia schreberi (watershield), Nuphar variegata (yellow water lily), P. robbinsii, M. heterophyllum, U. gibba, and U. purpurea are the main plants that dominate these areas. A narrow channel appears to have been raked down the center of both locations so that the residents there may still use their boats to access the rest of the lake.

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Species recorded in our 2013 survey of Lake Pattagansett. Click on plant to view herbarium mount. (invasive species in bold)
Nuphar variegata
Phragmites species
Potamogeton oakesianus
Potamogeton spirillus
Spirodela polyrhiza
Typha species


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