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CAES in the News

October 20, 2017--Death of 5 red oaks killed by gypsy moths could have silver lining

October 18, 2017--Report of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Connecticut for the year

October 17, 2017--Positive Mosquitoes for Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Detected in Eastern Connecticut

October 17, 2017--Connecticut scientists get $469K federal grant to fight apple tree disease

October 17, 2017--Eastern equine encephalitis found in mosquitoes in eastern Connecticut

October 17, 2017--Mile-A-Minute Vine Invades Fairfield Hills

October 13, 2017--Before ex-Beatle Paul McCartney canceled a concert in the Yale Bowl, beetle grubs almost ruined Yale’s football season

October 10, 2017--Robert Miller: The life and unpredicting times of woolly bear caterpillars 

October 8, 2017--Did warm weather worsen fall allergy season?

October 7, 2017--Milfoil problem better in Candlewood and Squantz, but worse in Lillinonah

October 3, 2017--Town officials to offer “Healthy Yards” workshop

October 2, 2017--Robert Miller: Fungus could affect — but not stop — autumn foliage display

September 29, 2017--Connecticut Residents Dealing With a Stinky Problem

September 28, 2017--People across Connecticut dealing with stink bugs

September 28, 2017--Invasive Shrub Linked To Rising Rates Of Ticks, Lyme Disease In Connecticut

September 27, 2017--Invasive Mile-A-Minute Plant Removed From Area Near Trail In Monroe

September 26, 2017--When will the colors pop?

September 22, 2017--Sustainable Nano

September 22, 2017--Wilton’s ash tree population threatened by invasive species

September 22, 2017--Invasive plant removed from Monroe

September 21, 2017--Tick that causes food allergy discovered in CT

September 21, 2017--The Uninvited Guests That Wouldn’t Leave

September 20, 2017--Ticks known for making people allergic to red meat discovered in CT

September 14, 2017--Agricultural Science for Public Health

September 9, 2017--State reports 1st human case of West Nile virus this season

September 8, 2017--New Haven resident first to test positive for West Nile Virus in state in 2017

September 4, 2017--Conn. Researchers Make Development In Fight Against "Fire Blight"

August 30, 2017--In Connecticut, a Nanoscale Agricultural Experiment With Global Potential

August 24, 2017--More Mosquitoes In Fairfield County Test Positive For West Nile Virus

August 24, 2017--West Nile Virus found in more areas across the state

August 19, 2017--Connecticut wine growers contend with the elements

August 17, 2017--Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile in 2 more towns

August 16, 2017--West Nile Mosquitoes Now Identified In 12 Connecticut Communities

August 16, 2017--West Nile Mosquitoes Now Identified In 12 Connecticut Communities

August 16, 2017--Fire and oak regeneration research. Jeffrey S. Ward Department of Forestry & Horticulture CT Agricultural Experiment Station New Haven, CT

August 10, 2017--Tick Population Surges In Connecticut
August 9, 2017--U.S. Senator Blumenthal and Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Briefing on Tick-Borne Diseases
August 9, 2017--Tick concerns garner attention of lawmakers

August 8, 2017--Tick population, Lyme disease infections surge as predicted

August 8, 2017--Health officials: Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus discovered in North Branford

August 5, 2017--Lake Mamanasco: Management means care, chemicals, science, money

August 3, 2017--On Plant Science Day, researchers tell of challenges

August 1, 2017--Robert Miller: The one-two punch to hemlocks’ nemesis

July 27, 2017--The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

July 27, 2017--Hemlock-killing insect found in Adirondacks for first time: DEC 

July 26, 2017--Health Director on West Nile: ‘Don’t Panic, Take Precautions’

July 25, 2017--West Nile virus found in mosquitoes in more Connecticut towns

July 25, 2017--West Nile virus found in mosquitoes in more Connecticut towns

July 23, 2017--Robert Miller: A respite, though brief, from ticks

July 23, 2017--Health district warns: Mosquitoes can be more than pests

July 13, 2017--Connecticut A Ticking Time Bomb

July 12, 2017-- Summer's First Mosquitoes with West Nile Virus Reported

July 11, 2017--West Nile Virus Detected In West Haven Mosquitoes

July 11, 2017--First West Nile-positive mosquitoes of the season found

July 9, 2017--Funding cuts could alter fight against invasive species

July 3, 2017--Less foliage damage expected next year as fungus kills off gypsy moth caterpillars

June 30, 2017--Gypsy Moth Damage In Eastern Connecticut Is Widespread

June 27, 2017--Building Bee Resilience, One Queen At A Time

June 23, 2017--Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven testing record number of ticks

June 22, 2017--Experts warn of rare diseases ticks can carry

June 22, 2017--Beetlemania: Ranger releases beetles to protect trees

June 21, 2017--WCSU: This year worst on record for ticks

June 20, 2017--Cleaning Gypsy Moth Droppings Off Of Driveways, Decks, Cars

June 20, 2017--No West Nile yet — but it’s still early

June 19 2017--Monroe Park Ranger Releases Japanese Beetles Into Webb Mountain Park

June 15, 2017--Madison Green activities, events announced; Killingworth joins state mosquito monitoring program

June 12, 2017--An uptick in ticks: health officials warning people to be extra vigilant

June 12, 2017--More And More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Spotted In Connecticut

June 11, 2017--Another tick expands its range

June 10, 2017--Mosquito monitoring program begins testing

June 9, 2017--Shields Up: The CDC Says This Summer Will Be The Worst For Ticks

June 8, 2017--At Hartford Magnet School, Beekeeping Class Stirs Real Buzz — And Honey

June 8, 2017-- Discovery of Smaller Deer Tick Raises New Concerns

June 7, 2017--State Launches Annual Mosquito Monitoring Program

June 7, 2017--First Report of Dwarf Deer Tick Comes as Overall Population Soars

June 6, 2017--More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Spotted As CT Begins Annual Testing

June 4, 2017--State’s mosquito trapping, testing starts June 5

June 2, 2017--Health District Already Seeing Massive Jump In Ticks For Testing
June 1, 2017-- Fungus Killing Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, But Infestation Isn't Over Yet

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