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CAES in the News

June 19 2017--Monroe Park Ranger Releases Japanese Beetles Into Webb Mountain Park

June 15, 2017--Madison Green activities, events announced; Killingworth joins state mosquito monitoring program

June 12, 2017--An uptick in ticks: health officials warning people to be extra vigilant

June 12, 2017--More And More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Spotted In Connecticut

June 11, 2017--Another tick expands its range

June 10, 2017--Mosquito monitoring program begins testing

June 9, 2017--Shields Up: The CDC Says This Summer Will Be The Worst For Ticks

June 8, 2017--At Hartford Magnet School, Beekeeping Class Stirs Real Buzz — And Honey

June 8, 2017-- Discovery of Smaller Deer Tick Raises New Concerns

June 7, 2017--State Launches Annual Mosquito Monitoring Program

June 7, 2017--First Report of Dwarf Deer Tick Comes as Overall Population Soars

June 6, 2017--More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Spotted As CT Begins Annual Testing

June 4, 2017--State’s mosquito trapping, testing starts June 5

June 2, 2017--Health District Already Seeing Massive Jump In Ticks For Testing
June 1, 2017-- Fungus Killing Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, But Infestation Isn't Over Yet

May 30, 2017--Disease-carrying mosquito expanding in Connecticut

May 30, 2017--Disease-spreading mosquitoes on the rise in Connecticut

May 30, 2017--Mite & Tick-Borne Diseases Inflicting Human, Dogs, & Other Animals Could Cause Permanent Brain Damage

May 29, 2017--Lyme isn't the only disease ticks are spreading this summer

May 23, 2017-- What you need to know about ticks

May 23, 2017--Mosquito that carries Zika virus more prevalent in state

May 23, 2017--Invasive, disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquito now surviving winter in Connecticut

May 23, 2017--New concerns over Zika, West Nile after mosquito survives winter

May 23, 2017--Corn seed treatment insecticides pose risks to honey bees, yield benefits elusive
May 22, 2017--Tick bite temporarily paralyzes 3-year-old

May 16, 2017--Weed Remediation Continues at Guilford’s Lake Quonnipaug

May 15, 2017--Expert to discuss tick protection
May 14, 2017--Despite rain, gypsy moths still may be big problem

May 9, 2017--New Haven scientists busy testing ticks

May 7, 2017--Tick-Borne Illnesses Could Boom This Year, Thanks to Climate Change

May 5, 2017--This Could Be The Worst Tick Season In Years. Here’s What You Need To Know.

May 3, 2017--Experts warn of increases in tick-borne Powassan virus

May 3, 2017--As Tick Population Soars, State Warns: "Assume That You're Going To Pick Them Up" 

May 2, 2017--What Does A Growing Tick Population Mean For Our Health?

May 1, 2017--Tick Season Just Beginning

April 30, 2017--After a warm winter, tick-borne diseases are on the rise this spring

April 29, 2017--Tick Nightmare 2017: 30-Minute Walk Leaves 30 Ticks On Connecticut Dog [Opinion]

April 22, 2017--More than 1,000 march in New Haven in support of science

April 21, 2017--State Tick Population Surges, Raising Risk of Lyme Disease 

April 21, 2017--Blumenthal Offers Public Health Advisory On Ticks As Connecticut Population Surges

April 21, 2017--Blumenthal Calls On Sec. Price To Establish Tick-Born Disease Working Group

April 18, 2017--How To Navigate the Many Options to Create a Happy, Healthy Lawn

April 18, 2017--City starts this year’s mosquito control measures

April 17, 2017--Tests find lots of ticks carrying Lyme disease bacteria

April 17, 2017--Program on the ‘Importance of Trees’ planned

April 17, 2017--Be on the look out for ticks this spring

April 17, 2017--Tests find lots of ticks carrying Lyme disease bacteria

April 12, 2017--Tick Tock: Beware Of Early Start For Tick Season In Stratford

April 11, 2017-- Westbrook Woman says she's battling bed bugs

April 11, 2017--Bambi & Thumper - Cute as can be or perpetual garden pests?

April 7, 2017-- Hope For Rain: With Drought, Fears of Renewed Gypsy Moth Outbreak Rising  

April 5, 2017--Connecticut Facing Another Tough Year With Gypsy Moths  

April 1, 2017--State sees unusually high numbers of ticks, Lyme disease

March 25, 2017--Moth Infestation Warning Issued for Connecticut

March 24, 2017--Public entomologists struggle with an epidemic of delusional parasitosis

March 23, 2017--Heavy gypsy moth defoliation expected to continue this year

March 22, 2017--Accidental therapists: For insect detectives, the trickiest cases involve the bugs that aren't really there 

March 19, 2017--Research Life: Connect To Community And Science, CT Ag Experiment Station

March 10, 2017--Early May rain needed to prevent another severe gypsy moth infestation

March 7, 2017--A worsening tick problem on the way

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