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Fact Sheets

 Cigarette Bettle
 Indian Meal Moth
 Approaches to the Biological Control of Insect Pests
 Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata (
 Cucumber Beetles
 Flea Beetles subfamily Alticinae
 Imported Cabbageworm
 Mexican Bean Beetle
 Pepper Maggot
 Cat Flea
 European Earwig
 Western Conifer Seed Bug
 Cluster Flies
 Moth Flies
 Carpenter Bees
 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles
 Using Pediobius Foveolatus as a Biological Control for Mexican Bean Beetles on Organic Vegetable Farms
 Apple (Tortrix)
 Green Pug
 Heavy Gypsy Moth Activity Anticipated Again in 2006
 The Japanese beetle Popillia japonica Newman (Scarabaeidae: Coleoptera)

Plant Pathology
 Chestnut Importations into the US
 Ash Leaf Rust
 Black Knot of Plum and Cherry
 Blossom-End Rot of Tomato
 Cedar-Apple Rust
 Chestnut Breeding in the United States
 Chestnuts and the Introduction of Chestnut Blight
 Common Diseases of Bedding Plants
 Common Diseases of Crabapple
 Diseases of Geranium
 De-icing Salts: Damage to Woody Ornamentals
 Diagnosis of Common Houseplant Problems
 Diplodia Tip Blight (Sphaeropsis Blight)
 Disease Control for Home Apple Orchards
 Disease Control for the Home Blueberry Planting
 Disease Control for Home Cherry Orchards
 Disease Control for Home Grape Plantings
 Disease Control for Home Peach Orchards
 Disease Control for Home Pear Orchards
 Disease Contol for Home Plum Orchards
 Disease Problems in Connecticut Christmas Tree Plantations 2006-2007
 Drought, Its After-Effects, and Management Strategies for Woody Ornamentals
 Drought Stress, Tree Health, and Management Implications
 Excess Water Problems on Woody Ornamentals
 Fire Blight
 Fungal Leaf Spots of Trees and Ornamentals
 General Houseplant Care
 Grape Varieties for Connecticut
 Houseplants for Different Light Categories
 Juniper Tip Blight
 Landscaping for Wildlife
 List of Common Diseases and Insect Pests of Rhododendrons
 Moss Control in Home Lawns
 Diagnosis of Plant Health Problems
 Plants Reported to Cause Dermatitis
 Poinsettias: Disease Prevention and Control
 Protecting Chestnut Trees from Blight
 Pruning and Fruit Bearing of Common Tree Fruit in Connectciut
 Recognition and Management of Diseases of Woody Ornamental in the Landscape
 Recognizing Tree Diseases and Stree Factors
 Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato
 Solving Abiotic Tree Problems
 Sources of Chestnut Trees
 Sphaerobolus stellatus--The Artillery Fungus
 Spuce Needle Rusts in Connecticut
 Volutella Blight of Pachysandra
 Weather-Associated Problems of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
 Winter Injury and Drying of Rhododendron
 Winter Injury on Woody Ornamentals
 Yellowing, Dieback, and Death of Needled Evergreens
 Canavirgella Needlecast of Pine: New Needlecast Disease for Connecticut
 Common Diseases and Problems of Home Lawns
 Common Diseases of Maple
 Identification and Management of Diseases of Perennials in the Landscape
 Management of X-Disease of Stone Fruits
 Plum Pox: A New Threat to Stone Fruit Production in the United States
 Anthracnose Diseases of Trees
 Slime Molds
 Basic Techniques for Propagating Plants
 Current Diseases in the Landscape
 Books and Guides for Diagnosing Diseases of Ornamentals in the Landscape
 First Steps to Healthy Gardening
 Selected Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables
 Diseases of Christmas Tree Seedling and Transplant Beds
 Powdery Mildew
 Poisonous Plants
 Update on the Eastern Red Cedar Problem
 Common Diseases of Rose
 Pruning: An Introduction to Why, How, and When
 Five Easy Steps for Pruning a Shrub
 Plant Health Problems
 Needlecasts of Douglas Fir
 Connecticut Chestnut Research: Breeding and Biological Control
 Dogwood Anthracnose
 Chestnut Importations into the US
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Tick Summary
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 1996
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 1997
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 1998
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 1999
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2000
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2001
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2002
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2003
 Summaries of Tick Testing
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2004
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2005
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2006
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2007
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2008
 Summary of Tick Testing Results for 2009