brs: Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) often receives questions from individuals who use personal assistance services (PAS) at home and in the workplace, and from their employers. This web page has been developed to answer many of these questions.

The links and resources in this section provide general information as well as tools and suggestions. Unless otherwise noted, the resources come from BRS or our partner organization, Connect-Ability. Anything from these two organizations may be copied.

Whether you are thinking about hiring a personal assistant, one of your employees is in need of a personal assistant, or you would like to become a personal assistant, you should find many helpful resources here.

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General Information for Users of Personal Assistance Services
What are Personal Assistance Services (PAS)?
What does getting a personal assistant involve?
Will my employer pay for my personal assistant at work?
How can I pay for a personal assistant?
Find answers to these questions and other basic information for PAS users.

In-Depth Information for Users of Personal Assistance Services (PAS)
What should I know as a student that may differ from what an adult needs to know? 
What is involved for me to hire a personal assistant? 
Can assistive technology reduce my need for a personal assistant?
Who can help with bladder and bowel management?
Explore this section to become familiar with hiring, managing and funding personal assistance.

Information for Employers about Providing Personal Assistance in the Workplace
If I work, what is my employer’s obligation to my personal assistant? 
Do I need a personal assistant at home and a different one for work?
Is there funding to pay for a personal assistant?

Personal Assistants in the Workplace: What Is the Etiquette?
This section provides information for employers about workplace personal assistance, reasonable accommodations and models for providing workplace personal assistance in their business.

Information for Personal Assistants: Finding a Job, Keeping the Job, and Loving Your Work
What kind of work does a personal assistant provide? 
What are the qualities of a good personal assistant?
Do I need certification to become a personal assistant?
How much money can personal assistants earn? 
How do I find someone who needs a personal assistant?
If you are thinking about becoming a Personal Assistant (PA), this section has the information you will need to learn about the field to help you look for a new job.

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