brs: Transtion Toolkit

Transtion Toolkit

The Bureau Rehabilitation Services (BRS) has developed a Transition Toolkit to provide youth and young adults, their families and professionals with information to help them prepare for postsecondary education and employment. 

Some of the "tools" were developed by BRS.  But many of them have been chosen from other excellent sources, including the Connecticut State Department of Education Transition Task Force and the Connecticut Department of Labor.  The sources for the information can be found on the tools themselves. 

The Transition Toolkit is divided into the five Guidepost areas 

      Guidepost 1 - School-based Preparatory Experience

      Guidepost 2 - Career Preparation and Work Based Learning Experiences

      Guidepost 3 - Youth Development and Leadership

      Guidepost 4 - Connecting Activities

      Guidepost 5 - Family Involvement and Supports 

Hopefully, this tool kit will help young adults; families and professionals find the resources they need to prepare for transition in a thoughtful, well-rounded, fully informed manner.

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