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School to Work

DORS Level Up

What is DORS Level Up?

DORS Level Up is all about  providing students with the tools, training and resources to work competitively and forge a path to independence. Working together we are building relationships with schools, families and the community and have created a collaborative partnership that introduces students who have an IEP, 504 plan or related challenges to new possibilities. Our goal is to help students be prepared to go out and find their place in the world.  

Our services for DORS Level Up are designed for students ages 16 to 21.  Our vocational services may be made available in the school setting, outside of school hours and in the summer months. By teaming with DORS Level Up counselors, students can move forward to pursue their career goals based on interests and abilities.

DORS Level Up is managed by our Vocational Rehabilitation program, part of the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), a division of the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

To request more information on DORS Level Up follow this link or call 1-866-844-1903.

**NEW**  Summer DORS Level Up Activities

The DORS Level Up initiative is offering several summer activities free of charge.  We will be updating this site frequently so please keep checking back for more information and updates.

Click here to review summer DORS Level Up activities.

To register and find out more see the events listed below:

School to Work

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) often works with youth and young adults while they are still in high school.  

The links below will provide you with information about BRS Transition Services as well as provide you with tools and information to start planning for postsecondary education and employment. 

Some of the documents are from BRS and others have been developed by other agencies or organizations.  Anything that has been developed by BRS can be copied. 

Transition Brochures and Videos

Working With BRS
Finding the right career that successfully meets your skills, interests, aptitudes and limitations can involve a number of steps to achieve.  This chart's been developed to help you see the steps that BRS will take with you to reach your goal.

BRS Transition Counselors and High School Liaisons 


Job Coaching Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Assistive Technology 

Gaining Independence

Self Advocacy
Personal Assistance
BRS Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Information

Related Transition Web Sites 

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