brs: BRS - School to Work Transition - Counselors

BRS - School to Work Transition - Counselors

Every high school in Connecticut has a BRS Liaison Counselor who works directly with high school personnel and students who are eligible for BRS services. 

Look at the links below to find the BRS Counselor who works with your high school. 

Northern Region Liaisons (updated 5/11/16)

Southern Region

New Haven Liaisons (updated 9/18/15)

Norwich/New London Liaisons (updated 9/18/15)

Western Region

Bridgeport Liaisons (updated 9/18/15)

Waterbury Liaisons (updated 9/18/15)

What to Do if Counselor is Listed as "Vacant".

BRS also works with other secondary programs to identify students who may be eligible for BRS services. 
Youth and Young Adults with Special Healthcare Needs
          Juvenile Justice
          Department of Correction (DOC)/Unified School District #1
          Department of Children and Families (DCF)/Unified School District #2

Students who attend school through these programs or their family/friends can contact Myra Scott at (860) 424-4863


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