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Governor’s Coalition for Youth with Disabilities (GCYD)

FYI – Before You Apply

The Governor’s Coalition for Youth with Disabilities (GCYD) 2014 Scholarship Application is now available.  The application process has changed from previous years.  Students need to know the following:
• 2014 GCYD Applications are going to be submitted electronically via our website, When you log onto the website, there will be a clear link to the scholarship application.

• The application cannot be saved once started so students should plan to complete it in one sitting.  In order to do this, you will need to be prepared with the following:
o Contributions you have made to your school and/or your community
o Any special honors, recognitions or awards you want to mention
o And a personal essay that is 8000 characters or less that addresses the following:
* Describe your disability in your own words.  To help you with this, pretend you are describing this to someone who may need to assist you in some way but who knows nothing about the disability.  What would they need to know about your disability and how you experience it for them to really understand and assist you
* Describe how your disability has impacted your life experiences and provide at least one example of how you managed that impact in order to overcome a challenge in each of the following groups/situations:
• Within your family environment,
• While at school and/or work, and
• Among your peers and friends
o How will you use what you have learned from the experiences above as you move forward through school and adulthood?

o Discuss your intended Major or specific occupational skill that you would like to pursue in school.  If you are still undecided at this point, discuss areas of study that you are considering.  What is it about this area or areas of study that are interesting to you? 
• Please note that all of the above sections can be prepared ahead of time in a word document and then copied and pasted into the appropriate application fields.

• Students will need electronic versions of the following items in pdf form to upload when requested: transcript (unofficial or official), at least one signed letter of recommendation, signed Certification Form (attached to this email) and a picture that can be used in the program should the student be chosen for an award.  These items will need to be scanned, saved and ready to access at the time the student sits down to complete the application.

• If you need to request a waiver for electronic submission and require a paper application for purposes of meeting a disability accommodation, please email us at

• The deadline for scholarship applications (both electronic and paper submissions) is Friday, December 20, 2013.  Those who have received a waiver to submit a paper application must have the envelope postmarked by Friday, December 20th in order for the application to be considered for judging.
Visit the website.

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