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Applying for Services

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services consists of the following:

Applying for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) provides vocational rehabilitation (VR) services to assist Connecticut residents with significant disabilities to find and keep employment.  Please review the Job Seeker publication for an overview of our services.

If you would like to apply for VR services, please review a Sample Application and an Intake Questionnaire to get an idea of what you’ll need to apply.  As we do not offer online applications, you must make arrangements with the BRS office nearest to where you live to file the actual application in person.  In the office, these forms will be in a slightly different format, but they will contain the same information.
You may contact the office where you will apply to learn more about what services may be available and what you must do if you are eligible for services.  You will also learn if you need an appointment to meet with a counselor or attend an orientation meeting.  To find the office nearest to where you live, follow this link. 
If you are eligible, a counselor will help you develop an employment plan based on your needs and abilities and will help arrange whatever services are needed to achieve your employment goal. 

If You Are Not Eligible


If you are not eligible for assistance from BRS, there may be other resources to assist you. 

Resources for Hearing Aid Financial Assistance 

Independent Living

Corporation for Independent Living: Loans and Grants for Accessibility, A statewide funding program designed to modify housing for people with physical disabilities.

Phone: (860) 563-6011,  Fax: (860) 563-2562

Independent Living Centers in CT: May be able to assist with independent living needs or offer small grants from “Part B” funds for Assistive Technology.

  • Independence Northwest, Route 63, 1183 New Haven Road, Suite 200, Naugatuck
  • Center for Disability Rights,764A Campbell Avenue, West Haven
  • Access Independence, 80 Ferry Blvd., Suite 205, Stratford
  • Independence Unlimited, 151 New Park Avenue, Suite D, Hartford
  • Disabilities Network of Eastern Conn 238 West Town Street, Norwich

Please check the list of Other Related Websites or call 2-1-1 ( on the web) for more resources.

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