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The following publications are available upon request by contacting:
Bureau of Rehabilitation Services/DORS

1-800-537-2549 (Toll-Free)
(860) 424-4844 (voice); (860) 424-4850 (Fax)
860-920-7163 (Video Phone)

BRS Annual Report 2001-2002 (Word format)  / Click here for PDF format.

BRS Annual Report 2002-2003 (PDF Version)

Consumer Handbook (English - PDF Version)

Consumer Handbook (Spanish - PDF Version)

Governor Appoints Disability Advocate

Jobseeker Brochure

National Governor's Association Transition Services for Youth with Disabilities

Services for Employers

Servicios para los Empleadores

Vehicle Modifications Booklet

State Rehabilitation Council-   


         SRC Annual Report 2016

         SRC Annual Report 2015 

         SRC Annual Report 2014

         SRC Annual Report 2013

SRC Annual Report 2012

SRC Annual Report 2011

SRC Annual Report 2010

SRC Annual Report 2009

SRC Annual Report 2008

SRC Annual Report 2007

SRC Annual Report 2006

SRC Annual Report 2003-2004

SRC Annual Report 2002-2003

SRC Annual Report 2001-2002

State Plan-

Understanding the BRS State Plan (PDF)
Understanding the BRS State Plan (PPT version)

State Plan 2015

State Plan 2014

State Plan 2013

State Plan 2012

State Plan 2011

State Plan 2010

State Plan 2009

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Guide for Connecticut Businesses Employing and Accommodating People with Disabilities

RSA Commissioner's Update Archive-

        June 2011
        August 2011


Highlighted District Information



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