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Information and Instructions for New Commutation Form
The Board of Pardons and Paroles has changed the procedures and forms for commutation applications from current offenders. The purpose of the changes is to focus the process on determining who might be appropriate for commutations and reduce the processing effort for those individuals who are clearly inappropriate for consideration.
  • Must exhaust all judicial remedies before applying and provide proof from court clerk ( sentence modification, etc.).
  • Sentence of 8 years or more: Eligible after 4 years.
  • Sentence of less than 8 years: Eligible after serving 50% of the sentence.
  • The eligibility requirements may be waived by the Board upon application and for compelling reasons.
Application Deadlines:
The Board holds two hearings per year for current offenders. In 2018 the deadlines as follows:
  • April Docket:          January 22nd, 2018
  • October Docket:     July 10th, 2018
Applications may be sent via U.S. Mail (postage required) or State of Connecticut
Interdepartmental Mail (no postage required) directly to:
Pardon Unit
Board of Pardons and Paroles
55 West Main Street, Suite 520
Waterbury, CT 06702
The application has been simplified (link below) and it is expected that each applicant should be able to fill out and mail applications directly to the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Waterbury, with minimal staff assistance. However, offenders who have difficulty writing or expressing themselves should seek assistance from the facility-based parole officer.  
Court procedures provide ample opportunity to litigate claims regarding criminal prosecution.  The Board of Pardons and Paroles is not an alternate avenue to complain about the quality of legal  representation, the legality of conviction or the length of sentence. Only the most compelling circumstances of miscarriage of justice will be entertained and only after exhaustion of all judicial remedies.
The new criteria focus on the conduct of the offender following conviction, describing the specific reasons why commutation is appropriate. The applicant must describe and submit evidence of specific extraordinary circumstances or specific exemplary conduct supporting the request for commutation. If these categories seem to require explanation in a given case, it is likely that the applicant seeking further explanation would not be in a circumstance supporting relief. A panel of the Board will prescreen the applications administratively and select applications for further proceedings. Those applications selected for further proceedings will be examined more completely, including personal interviews and investigation of claims made. The Board will hold a formal hearing that the offender may attend. Applications not selected for further proceedings are denied.

For all Commutation applications two (2) Copies of the Victim Services Notice of Application (click here to download form) must be submitted as following:   

  •  Send a copy of this notice to the Office of Victim Services and,
  •  Department of Correction - Victim Services Unit
Please mail them to the addresses listed on the form. 
You must send the original of this notice with any application to the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 
Please Note: Applications are processed continuously on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the high volume of applications, applications will not be accepted in person. Make and keep a copy of the application and all documents for your personal records as applications and supporting documentation will not be returned to you. If you would like to confirm that your application has been received, use Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. The Pardons Board is not responsible for lost applications.

Reapplications with no new information are not encouraged and will be rejected. However, denial of one application does not prohibit another application based on new or different extraordinary circumstances or exemplary conduct at a later time.
Commutation Application


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