bopp: Parole Eligibility Info

By statute, offenders who are serving a total effective sentence (definite) of at least 2 years and 1 day are eligible for parole consideration.

Parole eligibility is calculated at 50% or 85% of the total imposed sentence (less any jail credit).  Risk reduction  earned credits awarded by the Department of Correction can also reduce parole eligibility for non-violent offenders only (50% designation).  Current convictions and/or criminal history will determine the designation.


The "Truth in Sentencing" law passed in 1995 requires that all violent offenders serve 85% of their sentence before becoming eligible for parole.  This applies for all crimes committed after July 1, 1996.  PA 13-3 no loger allows "Risk Reduction Earned Credits" to be applied to parole eligibility for 85% offenders.


By statute the following crimes are not eligible for parole consideration:
  • 53A-54A Murder
  • 53A-54B Capital Felony Murder
  • 53A-54C Felony Murder
  • 53A-54D Arson Murder
  • 53A-70A Aggravated Sexual Assault 1st
By policy, if at any point of eligibility an offender meets the following criteria, their case will NOT be reviewed by the board:
  1. Are designated by the Connecticut DOC as a security risk group (SRG)
  2. Are classified by the Connecticut DOC as a overall risk level "5"
  3. Are housed in a Connecticut DOC chronic disciplinary unit
  4. Have criminal charges pending in the state of Connecticut

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