BFPE: Roster Ready to Go 2015a
Roster Ready to Go

Roster Ready to Go 2015a


UPDATED November 27, 2015

Superior Court ruled on November 7, 2013 in favor of the Freedom of Information Commission and as a result, all appellants that are appealing due to a denial will remain confidential. Therefore, should you have an appeal and want to monitor when your case is scheduled, you will need to know your case number.

Below are TENTATIVE hearing dates: SUBJECT TO CHANGE

*All the cases listed below the appellant has sent the Questionnaire and it has been reviewed by staff. You will receive a certified letter, when your case is scheduled, with a date, time and location.


Thursday, December 10th Wethersfield
December. 10, 2015 revocation 13-643-R
December. 10, 2015 denial 12-054-D Wolcott
December. 10, 2015 denial 14-525-D Stratford
December. 10, 2015 denial 14-602-D Thomaston
December. 10, 2015 denial 14-561-D Manchester
December. 10, 2015 denial 14-557-D Waterford
December. 10, 2015 denial 14-630-D Middletown
December. 10, 2015 revocation 12-288-R
December. 10, 2015 revocation 14-354-R
December. 10, 2015 revocation 14-120-R
December. 10, 2015 revocation 14-549-R