BFPE: March 22, 2012 Agenda

March 22, 2012 Agenda


Office of Governmental Accountability

Meeting of the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners

Thursday, 12:00pm

Wethersfield Police Department

250 Silas Deane Hwy. Wethersfield, CT 06109





A. Call to Order:

1) Roll Call, Board Members

2) Roll Call, Appellants 

3) Administer Oath

4) Introductory Statement



B.  Motion to readjust the agenda - Secretary



C. Hearings: Cases scheduled for 12:00pm or AS soon thereafter as the matter may be reached.



1) Case No. 12-120-D, Angelo Corsi

vs. Chief Patrick Ridenhour, Stratford Police Department     Denial



2)  Case No.12-017-D, Amy Colon

vs. Chief Patrick Ridenhour, Stratford Police Department     Denial



3) Case No. 11-232-D, Alexander Barletta

vs. Chief James Kenny, Vernon Police Department     Denial



4) Case No.12-145-D, Reed Boccuzzi                                                               

vs. Chief Alan Baker, Danbury Police Department     Denial



5) Case No. 12-160-D, Christian Ackermann

vs. Chief David Caron, Glastonbury Police Department     Denial



6) Case No. 12-078-D, Jordan Valenti, represented by Atty. Thomas P. Mullaney, III

vs. Chief David Caron, Glastonbury Police Department     Denial



7) Case No. 12-171-D, Nicholas Bousquet

vs. Chief Douglas Dortenzio, Wallingford Police Department     Denial



8) Case No. 12-048-D, Brittany Caras

vs. Chief Bruno Giulini, City of Groton Police Department     Denial



9) Case No. 12-009-D, Stever Browne

vs. Chief Thomas Kiely, Trumbull Police Department     Denial



10) Case No. 12-057-D, Jeffrey Myshka

vs. Mayor Ronald McDaniel, Town of Montville     Denial



11) Case No. 12-126-D, James Moreau

vs. Chief Carl Sterrazza, Enfield Police Department     Denial



12) Case No. 12-082-D, Joseph Sousa, Jr.

vs. Town Manager Steven Werbner, Town of Tolland    Denial



13) Case No. 12-117-D, Andrew Gay

vs. Chief Keith Mello, Milford Police Department     Denial



14) Case No. 12-101-D, Erik Schmaling

vs. Chief Keith Mello, Milford Police Department     Denial



15) Case No. 12-130-D, Ronald Jacquemin

vs. Chief Eric Osanitsch, Bristol Police Department     Denial



16) Case No. 11-207-D, Eddy Ramirez, represented by Atty. Charles E. Tiernan, III

vs. Chief Dean Esserman, New Haven Police Department     Denial



17) Case No. 12-045-D, Jesse Hovanesian

vs. Chief Eric Ostanitsch, Bristol Police Department     Denial



18) Case No. 12-165-D, Vincent Schoepfer

vs. First Selectman John Hodge, Town of New Fairfield     Denial



19) Case No. 12-141-D, Alan Simons

vs. Chief Matthew Catania, Plainville Police Department     Denial



20) Case No. 11-284-D, Miroslaw Puchalski

vs. Acting Chief Brian Heavren, Hartford Police Department     Denial



21) Case No. 12-067-D, Robert Stephens

vs. Town Manager Matthew Hart, Town of Mansfield     Denial



22) Case No. 12-140-D, Joshua Braccidiferro

vs. Acting Chief William McKenna, Middletown Police Department     Denial



D. Secretary’s Report:

1) Approval of March 8, 2012 Minutes



E. Old Business:



F. New Business:



G. 7  Cases scheduled & resolved after review: 




withdrew Stamford issued permit 2/12




withdrew Cheshire issued permit 3/7/12




withdrew Cheshire issued permit 3/7/12




withdrew  Mansfield issued permit 3/7/12




withdrew Hartford issued permit 3/13/12




withdrew Cromwell will issue 3/22/12




withdrew Branford issued permit 3/21/12




H. Adjournment