BFPE: Laws Pertaining to Firearms
Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
BFPE: Laws Pertaining to Firearms

Laws Pertaining to Firearms

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Sec. 29-32b.  BOARD OF FIREARMS PERMIT EXAMINERS. Appeals to board. Hearings.

2016 Legislation:



2013 Legislation:


REVISIONS TO PA 13-03 under PA 13-220

Sec. 2-1e. Interference with the legislative process; firearms; dangerous or deadly Weapons; explosive; felony.

Sec. 4-183. Appeal to Superior Court.

Sec. 4-184. Appeal from final judgment of Superior Court.

Sec. 29-17a. Criminal history records checks. Procedure. Fees.

Sec. 29-27. "Pistol" and "revolver" defined.

Sec. 29-28. Permit for sale at retail of pistol or revolver. Permit to carry pistol or revolver. Confidentiality of name and address of permit holder.

Sec. 29-28a. Application for permit. Notice of decision to applicant.

Sec. 29-29.  Information concerning criminal records of applicants for permits.

Sec. 29-30. Fees for pistol and revolver permits.

Sec. 29-31.  Display of permit to sell. Record of sales.

Sec. 29-32. Revocation of permit. Notification. Penalty for failure to surrender permit.

Sec. 29-32b.  Board of Firearms Permit Examiners. Appeals to board. Hearings.

Sec. 29-33. Sale, delivery or transfer of pistols and revolvers.

Sec. 29-34. False statement or information in connection with sale or transfer of pistol or revolver prohibited. Sale or transfer to person under twenty-one years of age prohibited. Temporary transfers. Penalties.

Sec. 29-35. Carrying of pistol or revolver without permit prohibited. Exceptions.

Sec. 29-36. Altering or removing identification mark.

Sec. 29-36f. Eligibility certificate for pistol or revolver.

Sec. 29-36g. Application for eligibility certificate.

Sec. 29-36h. Fee for eligibility certificate. Expiration and renewal of eligibility certificate.

Sec. 29-36i. Revocation of eligibility certificate.

Sec. 29-36k. Transfer or surrender of pistols or revolver by person ineligible to possess same.

Sec. 29-36l. Verification of eligibility of persons to receive or possess firearms. State database. Instant criminal background check. Immunity of seller of transferor. Authorization number required.

Sec. 29-36n. Protocol concerning transfer or surrender of pistols and revolvers.

Sec. 29-37. Penalties.

Sec. 29-37a. Sale or delivery at retail of firearm other than pistol or revolver.

Sec. 29-37b.  Retail dealer to equip pistols and revolvers with gun locking device and provide written warning at time of sale. Penalty.

Sec. 29-37e. False statement or information in connection with sale or transfer of firearm other than pistol or revolver prohibited.

Sec. 29-37f. Qualifications of retail store employees who sell firearms.

Sec. 29-37g. Gun show requirements.

Sec. 29-37i. Responsibilities re storage of loaded firearms with respect to minors.

Sec. 29-37j. Purchase of a firearm with intent to transfer it to a person prohibited from purchasing or possessing.

Sec. 29-38. Weapons in vehicles.

Sec. 29-38b. Determination of commitment status of person who applies for or seeks renewal or firearm permit or certificate. Report on status of application.

Sec. 29-38c. Seizure of firearms of person posing risk of imminent personal injury to self or others.

Sec. 29-38d. Interstate transportation of firearms through state.

Sec. 52-571f. Strict liability of person who illegally transfers a firearm.

Sec. 52-571g. Strict liability of person who fails to securely store a loaded firearm.

Sec. 53-61 Assault in the third degree: Class A misdemeanor

Sec. 53-203. Unlawful discharge of firearms.

Sec. 53-204. Hunting or discharging firearm from public highway.

Sec. 53-206 Carrying of dangerous weapons prohibited.

Sec. 53-206b Unlawful training in use of firearms, explosive or incendiary devices or techniques capable of causing injury. Class C felony.

Sec. 53-206c. Sale, carrying and brandishing of facsimile firearms prohibited. Class B misdemeanor.

Sec. 53-206d. Carrying of firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug prohibited. Class B misdemeanor.

Sec. 53a-7. Effect of intoxication.

Sec. 53a-8. Criminal liability for acts of another.

Sec. 53a-61a Assault of an elderly, blind, disabled or pregnant person or a person with intellectual disability in the third degree: Class A misdemeanor: One year not suspendable.

Sec. 53a-212. Stealing a firearm. Class D felony.

Sec. 53a-217. Criminal possession of a firearm or electronic defense weapon:  Class D felony.

Sec. 53a-217a. Criminally negligent storage of a firearm: Class D felony.

Sec. 53a-217b. Possession of a weapon on school grounds: Class D felony.

Sec. 53a-217c. Criminal possession of a pistol or revolver: Class D felony.

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