BEST: Working Off-Site - How To Access Office Tools

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Remote Office Tools  - Quick Reference Page for DAS/BEST Employees
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Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology
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Reference Page For DAS/BEST Employees
You are working from a remote location. You need access to your basic office tools. You have a computer, a phone and an internet connection. Now what?
Use this quick reference page to learn what to do in order to:

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Access Your Exchange E-mail Account

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Accessing Your Voice Mail Externally
  • Dial 860-856-4800.
  • Enter your 11 digit mailbox number (example: 1-860-622-2xxx).
  • Follow the tutorial prompts.


 Play new messages 1 - 1
 Delete message 7
 Save message 9
 Skip to next message #
 Help 0
 Cancel *
 Bypass a colleague's greeting #

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Forward Calls from Your Work Phone 

  • From your office, press the right navigation button (arrow).
  • Select the Call Forward button located on the display of your phone (left-side, third key from the top).

{Avaya 9611G IP Phone}

  • Dial 9, then the phone number to which you wish to forward your calls.
  • If it is not a local call, you must also type the number 1 plus area code.

Long Distance Number Example: 9 1 860 555 1234

Local Number Example: 9 555 1234.

  • You will hear three beeps.
  • To turn off call forwarding, press the Call Forward button.
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Access Core-CT Time/Attendance System
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Access State Network
from a Remote Location
Virtual Private Network (VPN) access is required in order to access your work computer and files from a remote location. The first step is for the requestor to obtain a VPN key account. This must be done prior to any emergency or evacuation.
Customer Agency Employees: to place a request for a VPN account, contact your agency IT manager or your agency VPN contact person. If your agency I/T manager does not know or remember the name of your agency VPN person, call the DOIT Help Desk at 860-622-2300 option 9. The HELP Desk will be able to tell you the name of your agency VPN person.
Your assigned agency VPN person would submit a request to DOIT to have the account set up.  
DOIT employees: please place a request for VPN access through your unit manager.
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Password Help 
Contact the DAS/BEST Help Desk for assistance or to have your desktop or voice mail passwords reset.
Please access this link for further instructions on renewal for your Core-CT passwords.