BEST: Working Off-Site - How To Access Office Tools

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Remote Office Tools  - Quick Reference Page for DOIT Employees
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Department of Information Technology
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Reference Page For DOIT Employees
You are working from a remote location. You need access to your basic office tools. You have a computer, a phone and an internet connection. Now what?
Use this quick reference page to learn what to do in order to:

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Access Your Exchange E-mail Account

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Access Your Office Voice Mail
  • Dial (860) 622-2401
  • As soon as the operator begins to speak, press the * (asterisk) button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your ID followed by the # (pound) key. Enter your ID, which is your four digit phone number extension, and then press #.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your password followed by the # (pound) key. Enter your password and then press #.

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Forward Calls from Your Work Phone 

  • From your office, press the CFwdALL key located on the display of your phone (third key from the left).

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  • You will hear two beeps.
  • Dial 9, then the phone number to which you wish to forward your calls.
  • If it is not a local call, you must also type the number 1 plus area code.

Long Distance Number Example: 9 1 860 555 1234

Local Number Example: 9 555 1234.

  • To turn off call forwarding, press the CFwdALL key.
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Access Core-CT Time/Attendance System
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Access State Network
from a Remote Location
Virtual Private Network (VPN) access is required in order to access your work computer and files from a remote location. The first step is for the requestor to obtain a VPN key account. This must be done prior to any emergency or evacuation.
Customer Agency Employees: to place a request for a VPN account, contact your agency IT manager or your agency VPN contact person. If your agency I/T manager does not know or remember the name of your agency VPN person, call the DOIT Help Desk at 860-622-2300 option 9. The HELP Desk will be able to tell you the name of your agency VPN person.
Your assigned agency VPN person would submit a request to DOIT to have the account set up.  
DOIT employees: please place a request for VPN access through your unit manager.
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Password Help 
Contact the DOIT Help Desk for assistance or to have your desktop or voice mail passwords reset.
Please access this link for further instructions on renewal for your Core-CT passwords.