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  IT Toolbox
Welcome to the IT Toolbox, a place of reference for IT procedures and tools. We hope this page will be a resource for you as we continue to work on process improvements that add value to the services DAS/BEST provides to customers.



Escalation Procedures

The escalation process is designed to ensure the appropriate resources are working on the most urgent Help Desk calls and the Division Directors receive regular updates on progress and resolution. 

Business Continuity Planning Resource Page and Templates

To assist agencies with Business Continuity Planning (BCP), DAS/BEST Security is making available a BCP template to plan and execute continuity of business operations in certain scenarios. Also available is the October 20 presentation made to agency IT managers. The page is not accessible outside of the State network and documents are for internal use only.

Procedures for Employees Attending Off-Site Conferences and Seminars

To ensure knowledge is shared and all employees have the opportunity to benefit and learn, all DAS/BEST employees attending an off-site conference or seminar that has been paid for by the State must complete the following tasks within seven business days of their return to the office.

Tools /Resources


Managing Consultants and Technology Transfer (PPT)

To assist agencies, DAS/BEST has identified key points to guide agencies in managing

consultants and attaining technology transfer.



Supervisor Checklist for New Employees (Internal Use Only)

System Development Methodology (SDM) Manual (Internal Use Only)

Procurement Procedural Manual  (PDF)

DAS/BEST Maintenance Change Windows (XLS)

List of Days and Times BEST Service Areas execute their changes 


Remote Access Tools (For DAS/BEST Employees)

Instructions on how to access your e-mail, voice mail and more from an off-site location.

Small Agency Support Program

E-Government Resource Page

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Worksheet

To assist agencies in determining the total IT costs over the entire life span of a system, DAS/BEST is making available a cost worksheet to plan and budget for both initial development costs as well as ongoing maintenance.


Cost/Benefit Analysis Tools

DAS/BEST is making available basic Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA) tools to assist IT Managers in their analysis prior to implementing any IT project. The tools will help demonstrate that the most cost-effective alternative was chosen based on tangible and intangible, quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Agency IT Planning Process

Process to assist Agency IT Managers in IT project development.

Agency IT Planning Template

Template for Agency IT Managers to Develop Agency-Specific IT Plans


Scope, Analysis and Recommendation Questionnaire


Options Paper Template and Pie Chart (Excel)

The options paper template is the required format for presentation of options for consideration and designed to ensure all possible options have been considered and analyzed prior to presentation. The pie chart provides for a visual representation of options evaluations.

Consolidated Contact Page

Includes links to lists of use for both internal and external visits to the DAS/BEST site. Lists of use to DAS/BEST and other state agency employees include Agency IT Manager and Contact lists.

Agenda and Minutes Template for Good Meetings