BEST: Reference Manuals

Mainframe Application and System Developer

Tools and Reference Manuals


The following tools and manuals are designed to assist mainframe application and system developers. Colleagues are encouraged to print out a copy or bookmark these manuals for quick reference during the course of their work.


All documents are for internal use only and are not accessible from outside

the state network.


New! VISION:Results Reference Guide  New upload describes VISION:Results commands, syntax, and all options. Manual for internal use only by users and not accessible outside the state network.


XPEDITER/TSO Quick Reference PDF, 8.8 MB
Summarizes the PF key settings, commands, and link-edit options for XPEDITER/TSO.



An introduction to XPEDITER/TSO, using a series of examples of simple and advanced debugging techniques that can be applied to your application development and maintenance needs.


File-AID/MVS Batch Reference Manual PDF PDF 2 MB

This manual documents each File-AID/Batch function.


File-AID/MVS User's Guide PDF, 3 MB

Information and examples for users of File-AID/MVS, a data management system.


File-AID for DB2 Reference Manual PDF 4 MB

This manual documents File-AID for DB2, a database management tool that lets you interactively edit, browse and manipulate DB2 tables, views and other objects.


File-AID for IMS/ISPF Reference Manual PDF, 4 MB

This detailed reference manual provides users the information necessary to fully use the features of File-AID for IMS/ISPF.


XPEDITER/CICS Quick Reference PDF 7 MB

This document summarizes the user interface, PF keys, commands and compiler options of XPEDITER/CICS.



This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use XPEDITER/CICS to solve common debugging problems.


Abend-AID Quick Reference PDF 3 MB

A quick reference summary of procedures to access and use Abend-AID and its product facilities.


Abend-AID User/Reference Guide PDF 27 MB

This document describes how to use Abend-AID to intercept and analyze application program failures.


Abend-AID for CICS Quick Reference Guide PDF 4 mb

This quick reference provides brief summary information for using Abend-AID for CICS.


Abend-AID for CICS User's Guide PDF 62 MB

This guide describes how to use Abend-AID for CICS to analyze CICS transaction and region dumps.