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     By hiring a person with a disability, served by the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), EMPLOYERS are eligible to receive up to $900 per month in state tax credits for up to three years.


Over three years of continuous employment, this adds up to $32,400 in state tax credits!


There are also federal tax credits available above and beyond the state tax credits.


     These tax credits can support your hiring and retention strategies in a variety of ways, based on your unique business needs.



What You Need

What We Offer

Qualified candidates

A skilled, reliable recruitment pool

Trained employees

Training Dollars and New Tax Incentives

A good fit

Pre-matched skill sets

Peace of mind

A built-in EAP Program

New approaches

Creative Solutions


One phone call connects you to a network of resources to meet your recruitment and HR needs.


 See the Ability.  See how we can work together. 


Call us today at 866-844-1903 to see how we can put these incentives to work for you. 



Tax Credits Available for Hiring


 Job Expansion Tax Credit (JET)

Program Overview:

Connecticut businesses can be eligible for tax credits of $500 per month for each new full-time job created. If the new employee is receiving vocational rehabilitative services from the Department of Rehabilitation Services, receiving unemployment benefits, or is a veteran employee who, at the time of hiring by the taxpayer, is a member of, was honorably discharged from or released under honorable conditions from active service in the armed forces, then the tax credit is increased to $900 per month.


These credits will be available for each new employee hired between January 1, 2012 and prior to January 1, 2014 for period of three years. The credit may be applied against the following taxes:


Insurance premiums tax under chapter 207 of the general statutes


Corporation business tax under chapter 208 of the general statutes


Utilities company tax under chapter 212 of the general statutes


Income tax under chapter 229 of the general statutes


Please see the process outlined below to apply for this credit.

Note: An application must be completed and submitted to DECD before hiring new employees.

There are three thresholds to qualify for the credits:


Businesses with under 50 employees must hire at least one new full-time employee


Businesses with 50 to 100 employees must hire at least five new full-time employees


Businesses with over 100 employees must hire at least 10 new full-time employees


Application Process/Next Steps:


Eligibility Application is submitted by the applicant


Eligibility Review is then conducted by DECD


Tax Credit Eligibility Letter is submitted to the applicant


DECD will provide the Applicant with the DECD Reporting Form JET-1 after the end of the Applicant’s fiscal year


Certificate of Eligibility is issued for tax credits earned based upon a net increase in jobs above the Applicant’s baseline employment


To apply please complete and submit the JET Application located on For additional information or questions please contact Lindy Lee Gold at (860) 270-8073 or via email at



What the Department of Rehabilitation

Services (DORS) Can Do For Your Business

At DORS, we create partnerships with businesses. Blindness is less of a limitation than is commonly thought and DORS consumers are a significant resource of skilled employees.

    We can:

  • Refer to you pre-screened, qualified applicants that meet your job specifications

  • Provide Worker-Retention Services that evaluate and provide the necessary training and accommodations to valued employees who have experienced a vision loss

  • Offer employee awareness training that assists recruiters, management, and employees to understand legal blindness and how it is possible for a legally blind employee to succeed on the job

  • Provide on-the-job training for your new employee at no cost to you

    DORS Can Provide Employers:

  • Pre-Screened, Qualified Applicants

  • Information and Resources on Adaptive Equipment

  • Ongoing Support for the Employee

  • In-Service Training for Managers, Supervisors, and Co-Workers

    The Benefits of Hiring DORS Referrals:

  • Hiring a qualified individual who is blind or visually impaired shows your company's commitment to diversity in the workforce.  Contrary to many common beliefs, people who are legally blind can do most jobs with proper equipment and training.

  • Hiring DORS referrals means tax incentives for your business.

  • DORS can save you time. Instead of reviewing hundreds of applicants, we can refer a few qualified individuals to your business.

  • After referring a qualified applicant to you, DORS absorbs all of the costs for specific training and adaptive equipment in certain situations.


Contact Mary Burgard, Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor at (860) 602-4032 or email her at with as much of the following information as possible.

Contact Person

Business Name, Address, and Phone number

Job Title and Duties


Salary Range and Benefits

Full-Time or Part-Time




Job Accommodation Network

Making your Web Site Accessible to People Who Have Disabilities

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