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Immediately below is an announcement from the National Federation of the Blind regarding the addition of a job search component to NFB-Newsline. BESB and the NFB of CT are co-sponsors of NFB-Newsline. If you are not presently signed up, please contact Lisa Tanguay (860) 602-4160 and she would be happy to assist you. There is no cost to use NFB-Newsline.

 Announcing the Addition of Job Listings on




In addition to the hundreds of publications and TV listings available, NFB-NEWSLINE® now offers subscribers the ability to independently access job classifieds and apply for open positions.  With this groundbreaking job-listings feature, blind and print-disabled people will be able to search for job openings that match their education, skills, and interests.  Subscribers can easily search through hundreds of thousands of job listings from all across the country and look for openings in their hometowns.

 With the addition of content from a national job classifieds provider, NFB-NEWSLINE® subscribers can conduct searches for job openings in over fifty categories such as banking and education, and if desired, can narrow the search to look for certain keywords within the listings.  Subscribers can also request that a particular job listing be sent to them via e-mail by pressing "pound nine" when hearing the listing; the e-mail will contain the listing as well as a link that will provide a Web page with the position's application form.

  To access the job listings, subscribers call into the NFB-NEWSLINE® service (the listings are currently only available via phone) and press "nine" from the main menu.  From there, subscribers then set up their search profile by identifying the zip code from which the job listings are culled, and create and save their search preferences (category and keyword).  Because the job listings are pulled afresh from the classifieds provider on each call, subscribers get the most up-to-the-minute search results.  Subscribers can choose to save (or discard) listings for later access by pressing "five" when listening to a listing, and navigation through the listings is accomplished by using the "one" and "three" keys.

 The Job Listings Main Menu is as follows:


 To edit or change your search setup, press 1.  The search setup includes setting the zip code and search preferences.

 To view all of your job search results, press 2.  This pulls up all of the results for positions in the provided zip code matching the category and keyword selection.

  To hear your saved jobs, press 3.  Subscribers can review jobs that were saved earlier.

To hear only new jobs, press 4.  This allows subscribers to skip over jobs that were previously heard; any jobs not heard since last search will also be available in this area. 

 To hear only previously accessed jobs, press 5.  This option provides the ability to review a previously heard listing.

 To view only discarded jobs, press 6.  This allows subscribers to access listings that were deleted in error.

 To experience the revolutionary job-listings feature, call today!

  From the NFB-NEWSLINE® Team

 Lisa Tanguay (860) 602 - 4160



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