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Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology, or AT, is any item, piece of equipment, product, or system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities.   Assistive technology products consist of specially designed computer programs and devices chosen specifically to accommodate an individual's disability or multiple disabilities.

Adaptive Technology Labs


The following locations all offer adaptive technology devices such as CCTVs and computers with speech and large print technology installed for individuals to use at no cost. For more information regarding the products available at each location, or to schedule a time to utilize the equipment at a particular location, please call the name of the contact person listed.


Board of Education and Services for the Blind
184 Windsor Avenue
Windsor, CT 
Contact: Michelle Laramie or David Bergmann, (860) 602-4000; (800) 842-4510
Additional equipment available portable notetakers, DAISY Players, and Portable Magnifiers.


Southeast CT Community Center for the Blind
120 Broad St.
New London, CT
Contact: Barbara Bostwick (860) 447-2048


Gateway Community Technical College
60 Sargent Drive
New Haven, CT
Contact: Toni Page (203) 285-2234


Southern CT State University

501 Crescent Street

New Haven, CT

Contact: (888) 500-7278


University of Connecticut

368 Fairfield Road

Storrs, CT

Contact: (860) 486-2000


Manchester Community College

Great Path

Manchester, CT

Contact: (860) 512-3000



Adapted One-Stop Centers


New Haven:
CT Works One Stop Career Center
560 Ella Grasso Boulevard
Contact: Linda McDonald (203) 624-1493, ext. 258



CT Works
350 Fairfield Avenue
Contact: Ethel Reith Miller  (203) 333-5129, ext. 406
CT Works one stop
3580 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06611
Contact: Julie Watson (860) 522-5111


Adaptive Technology Resources


Cell Phone and Smartphone Options for People Who are Legally Blind


The following links to manufacturers of adaptive aids, equipment, and technologies are provided for informational purposes only.  The list is not all-inclusive and does not represent an endorsement of any particular product or device by the agency.


Computer Software

Screen Readers

GW Micro

Freedom Scientific



                AI Squared

                Freedom Scientific


Braille Translation Software


Scan and Read      

                Kurzweil Education Systems

                Freedom Scientific

                Premier Programming


        GW Micro

        Freedom Scientific


Stand-Alone Scan and Read

Freedom Scientific


Braille Displays


          Optelec (Tieman)

        Freedom Scientific


Braille Embossers


        Freedom Scientific

        Enabling Technologies

CCTVs (Electronic Magnifiers)


        Optelec (Tieman)

        Clarity Solutions

        Enhanced Vision Systems


Cell Phone and Smartphone Options for People Who are Legally Blind



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