BESB: BESB's Mentoring Program

BESB's Mentoring Program

If you are interested in talking with former consumers of BESB who are available to discuss their employment experiences, please contact Barry Rita at 860-602-4069 or your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. 

After filling out and application, you will be matched with a mentor that has a career similar to your interest. The BESB Mentors will tell you about their career choices, the challenges they overcame to achieve employment, and the many solutions they have found to achieve career success and independence. 

These Mentors have agreed to be part of this program, and can be an important resource to the mentees receiving services related to gaining or retaining employment. These mentors can also partner with the vocational rehabilitation counselor assisting the client entering or retaining work.

Sample Mentor Careers

There will be an ongoing recruitment process, but here is sample of career’s our mentors have experience in;
Massage Therapist
Business Owners: Gift shops, snack bars, cafeterias.
President- Low vision aids supplier and retail store
Technical Director – Info Systems
Mail Clerk
Rehabilitation Teacher
Adult Education-Organizer/Planner
Senior Credit Analyst-Banking Industry
Storekeeper/Inventory specialist

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