BESB: Agency Consumer Advisory Committee

Bureau Consumer Advisory Committee (BCAC)


Alice Jackson (Chairperson)

Connecticut Council of the Blind

Organization Information Currently available:


Eileen Akers

Connecticut Braille Association, Inc.

Organization information currently available:

Westport Women's Club

44 Imperial Avenue

Westport, CT   06880



Lewis Andrews

CT regional group of the Blinded Veterans Association

Organization information currently available: (national website)


Diane Weaver Dunne

Connecticut Radio Information System (CRIS)

Organization Information currently available:

315 Windsor Avenue

Windsor, CT   06095


800-708-0004 Toll-Free


Bruce Woodward

National Federation of the Blind of CT

Organization information currently available:

477 Connecticut Boulevard, Suite 217

East Hartford, CT 06108



Steven Famiglietti

CIB Oak Hill

Organization Information Currently available:

120 Holcomb Street

Hartford, CT  06112



Members at Large

David Bates

Barbara Blejewski (Vice Chair)

Pam Garde (Secretary)

Junerose Killian



BESB Consumer Advisory Committee (BCAC) Meeting Dates for 2015 are: January 25, 2015 (teleconference); June 13, 2015 (teleconference); October 19, 2015 (teleconference at 10:00 a.m.)

BESB Consumer Advisory Committee (BCAC) Meeting Dates for 2016 are:
January 25, 2016 (teleconference);  June 27, 2016 (teleconference); October 24, 2016 at BESB. All meetings begin at 10:00 a.m.

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