BESB: Signing up for CT Alerts

Signing up for CT Alerts From the Emergency Notification System


CT Alerts is a system that enables the State of Connecticut to send out emergency alerts to residents in any affected geographic area within the state.  Depending on the emergency, the alert may be sent to an entire town, part of a town, a group of towns, or a large area of the state.   Residents can sign up to receive messages through a variety of electronic means including:  mobile phones, Voice Over IP landlines, wireless personal digital assistants, such as BlackBerry , e-mail, text messaging, and/or instant messaging.  You are responsible for any costs associated with your receipt of any emergency notification. 

There are some accessibility difficulties for screen reader users in using the CT Alert registration system.  BESB will assist any person who is legally blind in the State of Connecticut to register to participate in this system.  Please call BESB at 860-602-4000 and ask for Michelle Laramie or Jolene Nemeth to assist you. 


For advanced screen reader users, BESB has prepared the following guide to assist in completing the form independently. 


Instructions For Advanced Screen Reader Users

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