BESB: Driving with Low Vision

Driving with Low Vision

Public Act 05-156 contains the following requirement:  

“The board shall provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with the names of all individuals sixteen years of age or older who, on or after October 1, 2005, have been determined to be blind by a physician or optometrist, as provided in section 10-305. The board shall provide simultaneous written notification to any individual whose name is being transmitted by the board to said department. The board shall update the list of names provided to the Department of Motor Vehicles on a quarterly basis. The board shall enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Motor Vehicles to effectuate the purposes of this subsection.”  

The agency will be sending letters of notification to all individuals whose names are forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles in accordance with this new statutory requirement.

BESB does not condone any individual driving without meeting the State of Connecticut vision requirements.  The safety of yourself and others depends on following this law.


Vision requirements for driving have been determined by the State of Connecticut, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For specific information regarding the visual requirements for obtaining or maintaining a driver's license, including special provisions for limited driver's licenses, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Office in your area. 


An ophthalmologist will be required to complete a Vision Examination Report [] which must be returned to DMV with the license application for individuals who are seeking special consideration for maintaining a driver's license after the onset of significant visual loss.  Talk with your ophthalmologist about driving with your eye condition. For additional information regarding the Department of Motor Vehicle requirements, please contact (860) 263-5223.



Driver’s License vs. Non-driver Identification {Picture of a Connecticut License}

A non-driver Identification Card is available through your local DMV office.  This identification is legal and may be used for in the same manner as a driver’s license for identification.


For more information on Identification Cards:

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