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Aging Services Manual
Introduction and Table of Contents
Userís Guide
Intended Use:
This manual is intended to help professionals within the aging network to access information about services and programs that will help them better serve older adults and caregivers who reside in Connecticut.
Document Format:
The Table of Contents is grouped by section and alphabetically by topic. Related programs are listed alphabetically within each topic. A number of programs can be listed under more than one topic; the Department used its discretion in choosing one topic under which a program is listed.
An index is provided that lists programs alphabetically to help users find specific programs quickly and easily.
Each program description provides the following subject matters: a general description of the program, eligibility requirements, service areas, program year, contact information and related information. Service areas are towns in which the program provides service. In some cases the program may provide services statewide, but there may be specific agencies that serve particular towns. In these cases, the service area is identified as statewide and the specific agencies and the towns they serve are listed under contact information.
Past users of this manual have asked that the program year be indicated so that they could have some reference to when changes in the program might typically occur. Some programs operate with multiple funding sources that have different fiscal years; others programs can make changes at any time. In these cases the program year was identified as not applicable.
Contact information provides users with ways to access the program. Related information provides users interested in a particular program with a list of other programs they may find helpful. It also provides references to programs that are mentioned in the program description.
The manual provides links to referenced pages and websites to help users access information easily. Appendix M provides a list of websites which are not mentioned in program descriptions but that pertain to a variety of issues that users may find helpful.
The Department recognizes that program information is fluid and may change before regular updates to this manual are scheduled. The Department would like to keep the manual as current as possible between scheduled reviews. It asks that users and program administrators help us in this effort by notifying us of incorrect information and of links within the document that do not work properly. Please forward program changes and notifications of improper links to Robin Tofil at Type Manual Changes as the emailís subject and provide a contact name and telephone number in case there are questions regarding the proposed change.
As the Department is notified of these situations it will modify the manual. It will post notices to users on its website informing them that revisions have been made. Since changes may be made to different sections of the manual at different times, a revision date is provided in the lower right-hand corner of each program description to tell users the date on which information associated with the program was last revised.
The Department of Social Services and Aging Services Division:
The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) provides a broad range of services to older adults, persons with disabilities, families and individuals who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction, self-reliance and independent living. It administers over 90 legislatively authorized programs and the state funds it receives comprises one-third of the stateís overall budget. Programs and services are administered through 11 offices located in three service regions throughout the state and through support of a central office located in Hartford. Many services that are funded by the department are available through community-based agencies. The DSS also works with community-based partners throughout the state to help improve the quality of life for its customers.
Aging Services Division (State Unit on Aging):
The Aging Services Division within the Department of Social Services is the State Unit on Aging. It plans, develops and administers a comprehensive and integrated service delivery system, which helps to ensure that Connecticutís older residents have access to supportive services that are necessary to live with dignity, security and independence. The Division monitors and evaluates the services provided through this system to help ensure their efficiency. It also maintains information and referral services and collaborates with other agencies and partners to provide outreach, housing and transportation services as well as health, educational, nutritional and cultural programs.
The Aging Services Division prepares a three year State Plan on Aging that outlines the goals and objectives of the stateís aging network. The planís objectives outline the commitments of the Aging Services Division, policy trends of other programs within the Department of Social Services that are important to older adults and other initiatives that are of concern to the aging network.
Table of Contents
You can view and print a PDF version of individual Manual Sections (ex. AARP) or entire Manual Chapters (ex. Advocacy) in the links provided below.
Services for Persons with Disabilities
   Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver
   Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired 
   Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistanct Program (CADAP)
   Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition
   Connecticut Board of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB)
   Connecticut Insurance Assistance Program for AIDS Patients (CIAPAP)
   Connecticut Tech Act Project
   Department of Developmental Services
   Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)
   Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services - Employment Services
   Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services - Housing Services
   Disability Parking Permit
   Independent Living Program
   New England Assistive Technoloby Act (NEAT) Center
   Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Alphabetical list of programs

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