AGING SERVICES: Elder Rights and Protections

Elder Rights and Protections

There are several resources for elder rights and protections in Connecticut.  On this page, you will find information about:

In 2013, the State Department on Aging formed the Connecticut Coalition for Elder Justice.  The Coalition is a public private partnership that utilizes a coordinated approach to protecting rights and addressing abuse and fraud.

The Coalition’s mission is to communicate and collaborate with public and private stakeholders that are addressing elder justice issues in Connecticut in order to prevent elder abuse and protect the rights and promote independence, security, and well-being of vulnerable elders.

For more information about the Coalition or about elder justice concerns in Connecticut, please contact one of its co-chairs: Mimi Peck-Llewellyn, Staff Attorney, State Department on Aging, by calling 860-424-5244; Nancy Shaffer, State Long Term Care Ombudsman, by calling 860-424-5238.

Protective Services for the Elderly (PSE) is a Department of social Services program that keeps older adults safe from abuse and neglect.  Department of Social Services (DSS) social workers prepare a plan of care to ensure an elder’s safety. 

To report cases of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation, in state, call the toll-free referral line at 1-888-385-4225; out of state, call Infoline toll-free at 1-800-203-1234.

For elder abuse emergencies after hours, in state, call Infoline at 211; out of state, call Infoline at 1-800-203-1234

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) works to improve the quality of life and quality of care of Connecticut citizens residing in nursing homes, residential care homes and assisted living communities.  All Ombudsman activity is performed on behalf of, and at the direction of residents.  All communication with the residents, their family members or legal guardians, as applicable, is held in strict confidentiality. 
The LTCOP responds to and investigates complaints brought forward by residents, family members, and/or other individuals acting on their behalf. 

To contact the Ombudsman’s office, call the statewide toll free number 1-866-388-1888.  Or, you may contact the central office by calling (860) 424-5200 or by emailing

SMP Program: Don’t Be A Victim of Health Care Fraud or Scams. Protect, Detect & Report

The State Department on Aging’s Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Project ensures that seniors are empowered to address issues of health care fraud, errors, abuse and other related health care scams.

Through the recruitment and training of staff and volunteers the SMP Project provides the following services:
  • One-on-one counseling and assistance to seniors.  Have questions about possible Medicare or Medicaid fraud or need help in understanding your health care documents accurately? Counselors are available to help seniors review their cases and understand billing and other paperwork. In suspicious cases, SMP can help you to report fraud to the proper authorities.
  • Presentations to groups of seniors, caregivers and other concerned citizens. Presentations cover the types of fraud and abuse that occur and the steps that seniors can take to protect themselves.

To contact SMP call 1-800-994-9422.

Visit State Department on Aging publications page for the most up-to-date versions of the SMP guides to protect your personal information and fraud prevention.  

Identity Theft and Other Consumer Fraud and Scams

Identity theft happens when someone steals and uses your personal information. Your personally identifying information including your name, Social Security number, credit card number, bank account number, and other valuable data can be used without your permission to commit fraud. Identity theft is a crime. Take precautions to protect your identity.

Learn more about identity theft, how to protect yourself, and what to do if it happens to you.

The following topics can be found on the Legal Services page of the State Department on Aging website with this link:
• Legal Services Developer
• Health Care Planning Packet
• Legal Assistance For Older Persons
• Consumer Law Project For Elders
• Lawyer Referral Services
• Medicare Legal And Educational Assistance

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