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Grandparents as Parents Support Network (GAPS)

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The GAPS Program
The State of Connecticut Department of Social Services Aging Services Division developed the Grandparents as Parents Support network (GAPS) to provide assistance in establishing grandparent support groups for grandparents and relatives raising children. This statewide network is designed to encourage and promote the creation of services for relatives who have taken on the responsibility of parenting. GAPS support groups were started in all five regions of the state under the auspices of the Brookdale Foundation Groupís national program, Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP).
 The GAPS network supports and advocates for this unique but growing number of caregivers. GAPS offers community networks, technical assistance in the area of support group start-up, program development, training for facilitators, and direction for additional funding.
 The Aging Services Division partners with a network of over 200 agencies, individuals and community organizations, as well as 57 support groups that provide service or assistance to grandparents and relative caregivers. The GAPS Network listserv provides information to its members regarding grant opportunities, legislative updates, support group ideas, and other pertinent subjects such as legal issues and community resources.

Joining the GAPS Network 
To join the GAPS Network contact the Aging Services Division Field Representative, Erin Soli, at the following E-mail address: 
Grandparent Caregiver Support Groups
Please follow this link for a listing of:
The Kinship Navigator
If you are a grandparent or other blood relative caring for a relative's
child(ren) full-time, you are providing kinship care.  The Kinship Navigator, funded in part by the Department of Social Services, is available online through 2-1-1 United Way of CT.  The Kinship Navigator provides a comprehensive listing of resources and services available to relatives raising children.  For more information and to access 2-1-1's Community Resources Database and/or perform targeted searches for services in your area visit:
Additional Information on the GAPS Network
For more information on the GAPS Network, please contact the area agency on aging in your area by calling 1-800-994-9422 (in CT), or by visiting their website:
 For the eastern area:
 For the south central area:
 For the southwestern area:
 For the north central area:
 For the western area:
Follow this link to the map of Connecticut to find the Area Agency on Aging serving your town. 
Additional Resources:
The Childrenís Law Center of CT offers free legal services regarding family law issues. For more information please visit their Law Line. The toll free # is 1-888-LAW-DOOR or (1-888-529-3667).
GAPS Photo Gallery


"No Child Left Inside" Initiative - a partnership with the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection & DSS Aging Services GAPS Network - "Grandparents Family Fun Day" at the Mansfield Hollow State Park in Mansfield - July 12th, 2008.
September 27th, 2008
Grandparents' Family Fun Day at the Elmwood Community Center
- a GAPS Network Event. Sponsored by DSS Aging Services Division and the Elmwood Senior Center

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