CT Pro Bono Network

The Office of CT State Treasurer Denise Nappier announces the CT Pro Bono Network, a statewide initiative to help Connecticut families cope with personal financial management issues in the midst of a troubled economic environment.
The Office of the State Treasurer is partnering with the Financial Planning Associations (FPA) of Connecticut to develop the CT Pro Bono Network, which will provide a free half-hour consultation with a certified financial planner to people with specific issues such as paying off bills and loans, saving for college and for retirement.
Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck? The FPA CT Pro Bono Network Can Help!  Call 860-721-PLAN (7526) or toll free 1-800-490-4237 to schedule your free consultation today.
The Financial Planning Association® (FPA) CT Chapters in partnership with the Office of the State Treasurer established a pro bono network of financial planners that will provide assistance to individuals and families struggling to make sense of their finances.  A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will provide a free half hour session and work on an individual basis with you to find answers to your most pressing financial issues.  The program is provided free of charge, with no sales or promotion of any products or services … just unbiased financial advice.
What is financial planning?
   Many people think financial planning is something for the wealthy or for active investors, but it is much more than that. Financial planning is about how to manage your financial resources, set goals and determine how to achieve them. It is about taking control of your money and your life.
Who they seek to help?
   Connecticut families and individuals meeting FPA CT Pro Bono Network income limits*
What do they offer?
• Free 30 minute professional consultation on basic financial planning, tax planning, saving for college, coping with job loss or a life crisis and more
• Free follow up personal financial planning toolkit with self-help checklists, articles, and brochures.
• Online resources
Contact the FPA CT Pro Bono Network to see how our services can help!
Call  860-721-PLAN (7526) or 1-800-490-4237 today!
The FPA CT Pro Bono Network is funded with generous support from Bank of America.
*Certain income restrictions apply.  Household income must not be greater than the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) median income standard for CT in fiscal year 2008.  For a one person household the income must not be greater than $43,050, 2 person $49,200, and 3 person limit is $55,350.

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