AGING SERVICES: Evidenced-Based Health & Prevention Programs

Evidenced-Based Health & Prevention Programs

On June 1, 2007 the Administration on Aging awarded The Department of Social Services, Aging Services Division in partnership with the Department of Public Health the grant entitled, Empowering Older People to Take More Control of their Health Through Evidence-Based Prevention Programs: A Public/Private Collaboration.  This three (3) year initiative will provide $250,000 dollars each year to empower older adults to take more control of their health through life-style changes that have been proven effective in the reduction of disease.
 The grant mobilizes the aging, public health, and non-profit sector at the state and local level to disseminate low-cost, evidence-based disease and disability prevention programs in a community setting.  The focus of the grant is the Step-by-Step fall prevention program and the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that guides older adults with chronic diseases to better manage their disease (arthritis, diabetes, etc.) leading to better medical outcomes and quality of life.
The Connecticut project incorporates 3 primary service areas with the South Central and Western regions focusing on fall prevention and the North Central region, chronic disease management.  The partners for this initiative include; the North Central Area Agency on Aging, the Western CT Area Agency on Aging, the Agency on Aging of South Central CT, the Yale School of Medicine/Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention, the Consultation Center, Inc., Home to Home, Inc., the Hartford Department of Health and Human Services, Hartford Elderly Services and the UCONN Center on Aging. 
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