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Benefits Checkup

This portion of the Aging Services Division website is designed to provide a link to a website called Benefits CheckUp. This is an online eligibility screening tool created by the National Council on the Aging and designed for older adults to quickly find programs for which they may qualify.

Features and important points about BenefitsCheckUp:

  • It takes about 20 minutes to complete

  • You will be asked a series of questions specific to your situation

  • You remain anonymous and none of your information is saved in the system

  • Once you submit your information, you will instantly receive a listing of programs and services that may be able to assist you

  • This site is to be used as a guide and is not a substitute for applying for assistance of any kind

  • Applications may not be submitted through the site. You must still obtain and complete application forms and apply to the programs directly 

  • To apply for assistance, you can contact the agency that shows up as a result of your search 

  • You may also be able to download applications for certain programs right from the site

  • If you have any difficulty reaching a program, you can also refer to the "Publications" section of the Aging Services Division web site ( and go to the Elderly Services Manual publication or go to "Programs Serving Older Adults" and click on "Area Agencies on Aging"

Just looking for assistance with your prescription drug costs? 
Another feature of BenefitsCheckUp is an eligibility screening tool called BenefitsCheckUp Rx. 

Features and important points about BenefitsCheckUpRX:

  • It allows you to search for prescription drug assistance programs only 

  • It requires less information than the full BenefitsCheckUp screening

  • It only takes about 5-7 minutes to complete

  • You remain anonymous and none of your information is saved in the system

  • Upon completion of the questionnaire the site will provide a listing of prescription drug assistance programs for which you may qualify including Patient Assistance Programs 

  • Applications for certain assistance programs may be available directly on the site

Benefits Checkup


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