Attorney General: Attorney General Calls MySpace Sex Offender Registry “False Security Blanket,” Renews Call For Age Verification

Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Calls MySpace Sex Offender Registry "False Security Blanket," Renews Call For Age Verification

January 29, 2007

"MySpace's sex offender data base is a false security blanket that ignores and distracts from the real problem - sexual predators not yet caught and convicted trolling for victims. This data base does nothing to protect children from sexual predators still eluding criminal authorities or who lie about their ages and identities while using MySpace. A data base may actually create a false sense of security and comfort that the site is free from predators.

"Protecting children is too important for MySpace to continue taking feel-good baby steps. Without age verification, the problems will continue. Age verification is a must.

"Age verification will help protect kids from the towering danger of sexual predators and inappropriate material on MySpace. The web site and its parent company need to stop making excuses and introduce age verification, as well as raise its minimum age to 16.

"Age verification for users 18 and older using publicly available data is easy and effective. MySpace can confirm the ages of younger users by requiring information from a parent or guardian.

"Our coalition of states continues to grow, reaching 39 last week. I will continue to help lead this powerful and growing coalition in pressing MySpace to introduce age verification. We will consider every available option, including possible legal action, if the site continues to resist age verification."