Attorney General: Telephone Scams

Connecticut Attorney General's Office



You are promised free gifts, prizes, vacations, "investment/deal of a lifetime", but only if you act "right away." If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Telephone con artists are only after your money. Don't give it to them.

Some common telephone scams are as follows:

Prize offers: You usually have to do something to get your "free" prize, either attend a sales presentation, buy something, or give out a credit card number. The prizes are generally worthless or overpriced.

Travel packages: "Free" or "low-cost" vacations can end up costing a bundle in hidden costs. If they happen at all. The total cost may run two to three times more than what you would expect to pay or what you were led to believe.

Vitamins and other health products: The sales pitch may also include a prize offer. This is to entice you pay much more for products that are worth very little.

Investments: People lose millions of dollars to "get rich quick" schemes that promise high returns with little or no risk. The can include rare coins, oil and gas leases, gemstones, precious metals, art, and other "investment opportunities." These are usually worthless.

Charities: Con artists often name phony charities to sound like reputable organizations you would recognize. They won't send you written information or wait for you to check them out. Always request written information from the caller and call the Attorney General's Public Charities Division to see if certain charities are registered at (860) 808-5030.

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