Attorney General: Consumer's Funeral Checklist

Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General

Funerals: Consumer Checklist

  • The funeral home must provide the prices of the goods and services described in the general price list when you inquire on the telephone.
  • If you can, bring someone with you who can give you emotional support and help you go through this checklist and review the options.
  • A copy of the general price list must be provided when you inquire in person.
  • Copies of separate price lists for caskets, vaults, and cremation urns must be provided.
  • If you choose to take care of certain services yourself, such as placing death notices in the newspaper or contacting clergy, be aware that charges for those services may be included in the funeral home's mandatory fee. Ask the funeral director to explain the services included in the fee and insist that the fee be reduced if you make any of those arrangements yourself.
  • Embalming is sometimes included when it is not needed. Ask the funeral director to explain exactly when embalming is necessary.
  • Many services may be included in the funeral home's fee for other preparation of the body. Ask exactly what services are included in that fee. Insist that the fee be reduced if you do not want a particular service.
  • In prepaid funeral agreements, it is not always clear what goods or services are guaranteed, or how excess funds will be handled. Be sure that any contract you sign clearly specifies the responsibilities of the funeral home in each circumstance.
  • Prepaid funeral funds placed in escrow should be managed as carefully as any other investment you make. Ask the funeral director to describe the investment risk and rate of return of every option.
  • Contact the escrow agents directly to inquire about their management policies regarding prepaid funeral funds.
  • Be sure to obtain a written statement of the goods and services you have selected. This is an important list for comparing prices and holding the funeral home accountable.
  • If you believe you may have been scammed, contact the Office of the Attorney General at 860-808-5400.

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