Attorney General: Press Releases By Date

2010 Press Releases
1/3/2011Attorney General Announces Plans To Seek Standards For Wind Farms
12/28/2010Attorney General Calls On DoD To Release Information Regarding Personality Disorder Discharges
12/23/2010Attorney General Announces EPA Agreement To Set Greenhouse Gas Pollution Limits For Power Plants, Refineries
12/22/2010Attorney General Announces $176,707 Settlement for Misappropriation of Charitable and State Charter School Funds
12/20/2010Attorney General Announces Liberty Mutual Will Pay State $2 Million For Alleged Bid-Rigging And Secret Kickback Scheme
12/20/2010Attorney General Says New Study Proves State-Funded Tobacco Cessation Saves Lives and Taxpayer Money
12/15/2010Attorney General Announces Restitution For DIRECTV Customers For Consumer Protection Violations
12/15/2010Attorney General Announces Agreement With Dannon Over Activia and DanActive Claims About Digestive Health And Immunity
12/13/2010Attorney General Calls On NFL To Lift TV Blackout Of Tonight’s Giants-Vikings Football Game
12/10/2010Attorney General Demands Access To Data Improperly Collected In CT By Google Street View Cars
12/9/2010Attorney General Asks TSA, Homeland Security For Data On Safety Of Airport X-Ray Machines
12/7/2010Attorney General Seeks Documents and Data From NewAlliance and First Niagara About Merger, Calls For Hearings and Scrutiny
12/7/2010Attorney General Announces National Settlement with Bank of America for Anticompetitive Scheme That Defrauded Municipalities and Nonprofits
12/3/2010Attorney General Will Fight Yankee Gas Proposal To Increase Rates By More Than $45 Million or 12 Percent
12/3/2010Attorney General Calls On DPUC To Enforce $1.1 Million Fine Against AT&T
12/3/2010Attorney General Praises Department Of Insurance Rejection Of 20 Percent Anthem Rate Increase
12/2/2010Attorney General Submits Testimony Calling On Congress To Institute Internet Do-Not-Track
12/1/2010Attorney General Seeks DPUC Investigation Of Excess SCG Profits
11/29/2010Attorney General Pleased Kardashians Seek To Sever Ties With Predatory Prepaid Debit Card
11/29/2010Attorney General Issues Black Friday Warning On Perils of Kardashian Kards and So-Called Prepaid Debit Cards
11/23/2010Attorney General Calls On Feds To Investigate 25 Percent Increase In Toy-Related Child Injuries Resulting In Emergency Room Trips
11/19/2010Attorney General Warns Former Bernie’s, Family Discount, Clark Oil Customers Of Deceptive Solitication
11/18/2010Attorney General Announces BBB To Stop Awarding Ratings For Cash, Make Other Changes To Rating System
11/17/2010Attorney General Calls For Immediate Alcoholic Energy Drink Sales Halt, Urges Makers To Provide Refunds
11/16/2010Attorney General Praises FDA Decision To Heed His Yearlong Call To Ban Alcoholic Energy Drinks
11/15/2010Attorney General Says Anthem Rate Hearing Must Be Delayed Or Denied Until Critical Data Provided
11/15/2010Attorney General Calls On FDA To Ban Alcoholic Energy Drinks
11/12/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Appointment Of Interim Insurance Commissioner
11/8/2010Attorney General Reviewing DCP Request For Lawsuit Against Kirby Vacuums
10/28/2010Attorney General To Seek Protections For UI Ratepayers In Gas Company Acquisition
10/28/2010Attorney General Announces Court Rules Billboard Company, Tree Cutter Illegally Cut Trees Along I-84
10/27/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Google Investigation Status
10/27/2010Attorney General Announces GlaxoSmithKline To Pay State $1.72 Million For Selling Tainted Drugs To Medicaid
10/26/2010Attorney General Recuses Self From WWE Clothing Lawsuit, Office To Consult With Sec Of State
10/25/2010Attorney General, Banking Dept. Sue Investment Firm That Earned More Than $26 Million By Fraudulently Overvaluing Assets
10/19/2010Attorney General Announces $15 Million Settlement With Pharmaceutical Company For Inflating Drug Prices
10/18/2010Attorney General Calls Backpage Actions First Step But More Needed
10/18/2010Attorney General Praises Feds For Admonishing State’s Failure To Openly Review Massive Insurance Rate Hikes
10/18/2010Attorney General Calls On DPUC To Review Proposed NU Merger, Will Do Independent Review
10/13/2010Attorney General To Help Lead Multistate Investigation Of Defective Foreclosure Docs
10/6/2010Attorney General Finds CSUS Board Of Trustees Apparently Improperly Ceded Authority To Fire Presidents, Write Personnel Policies
10/6/2010Attorney General Announces U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Schaghticoke Appeal
10/6/2010Attorney General Seeks Reconsideration Of Insurance Rate Increases, Calls Review Flawed, Incomplete
10/4/2010Attorney General Pursues Credit Card Companies Over Fee Policies That Harm Small Businesses
10/1/2010Attorney General Asks CT Courts To Freeze Home Foreclosures 60 Days Because Of Defective Docs
9/30/2010Attorney General Statement Regarding Pocket Wireless
9/30/2010Attorney General Announces $422.5 Million Settlement With Novartis For Alleged Off-Label Drug Marketing and Kickbacks
9/27/2010Attorney General Announces CT Supreme Court Spares Old Saybrook Preserve, Rejects Developer’s Appeal
9/27/2010Attorney General Investigating Defective GMAC/Ally Foreclosure Docs, Demands Halt To Its CT Foreclosures
9/24/2010Attorney General Issues Warning About Schemes To Surreptitiously Switch Electric Customers To New Suppliers
9/21/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Refusal To Take Steps That Block Prostitution Ads
9/21/2010Attorney General To Challenge 151 AT&T Layoffs
9/21/2010Attorney General Leads 21 States In Calling On Backpage To Close Adult Services Section
9/20/2010Attorney General Calls On Anthem To Reverse Termination Of Bristol Hospital From Provider Network
9/17/2010Attorney General, Banking Dept. Sue To Recover $100,000 Fine For Falsified Loan Application
9/17/2010Attorney General, Banking Dept. Sue To Recover $100,000 Fine For Falsified Loan Application
9/15/2010Attorney General Applauds Craigslist Confirmation Of Closure Of Adult Services, Seeks More Action
9/15/2010Attorney General: Shield Utility Customers From Rate Increases Resulting From UI’S Acquisition Of Gas Companies
9/15/2010Attorney General Announces $1 Million In Restitution Mailed To F&S Customers
9/9/2010Attorney General Statement Regarding BBB Rating System
9/8/2010Attorney General Disappointed DPUC Failed To Further Decrease Aquarion Water Rate Increase
9/7/2010Attorney General Seeks Confirmation Of Craigslist Adult Services Closure, Steps To Prevent Prostitution Ads Elsewhere On Site
9/1/2010Attorney General Seeks From First Niagara, NewAlliance Additional Information, Justification For Proposed Merger
8/30/2010Attorney General Commends DPUC For Agreeing With His Request To Investigate Water Co. Layoffs
8/30/2010Attorney General, DEP Win Injunction To Stop Continued Destruction From Illegal Logging
8/27/2010Attorney General Calls On Pratt & Whitney To Use Furloughs, Overtime Reductions To Avoid Layoffs
8/26/2010Attorney General Urges Investigation of Water Company Layoffs That Follow Rate Increase and Defy Promise To Expand Workforce
8/25/2010Attorney General Sues Power Plant For Repeated Air Emissions Violations
8/25/2010Attorney General, DCP Issue Subpoena Regarding Price Increases, Changes In Rite Aid Drug Discount Program
8/25/2010Attorney General, Joined By 17 Other States, Calls On Craigslist To Eliminate Adult Services Section
8/24/2010Blumenthal, Murphy Urge BP To Reimburse Claim For Meriden PD After Officer Called To Duty For Oil Spill
8/23/2010Attorney General To Fight Proposed Aquarion Water Rate Increase
8/23/2010Attorney General Sues Former Wesleyan Investment Director For Misusing University Assets
8/20/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Investigation Into Rite Aid Drug Discount Program
8/20/2010Attorney General Wins First-Step Battle To Hold Credit Rating Agency Accountable For Deceptive Ratings That Cost Taxpayers Millions
8/19/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Acquisition Of Newalliance Bank By First Niagara
8/18/2010Attorney General Announces Investigation Into Security Breach At Yale
8/12/2010Attorney General Asks DPUC To Investigate Independent Power Seller For Allegedly Falsifying State License Application, Delaying And Diverting Contracts
8/11/2010Attorney General Statement On F&S Oil Guilty Plea In Federal Court
8/9/2010Attorney General Announces CVS Caremark To Continue Drug Discount Program It Threatened To End
8/9/2010Attorney General Announces Topix.Com Agreement That Stops “Pay-To-Police” Policy
8/6/2010Attorney General Announces Agreement To Assure Furniture Delivery
8/5/2010Report of the Office of the Attorney General on the investigation conducted pursuant to Section 4-61dd of the Connecticut General Statutes
8/2/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Ruling In Brown & Brown
8/2/2010Attorney General Investigates Potentially Anticompetitive E-Book Deals With Amazon And Apple
7/30/2010Attorney General Urges Action To Stop Practices That Deprive Life Insurance Recipients Of Full Benefits
7/26/2010Attorney General, DEP Seek Injunction To Stop Continued Destruction From Illegal Logging
7/21/2010Attorney General Announces State Appellate Court Victory Sparing Old Saybrook Preserve
7/20/2010Attorney General Urges Alternatives To Broad Lobster Fishing Moratorium
7/19/2010Attorney General Defends States’ Rights To Impose Age Restrictions On Violent Video Games
7/14/2010Attorney General Pleased DPUC Reduced Connecticut Water Company Rate Request, Disappointed Cut Not Deeper
7/14/2010Attorney General Urges Identity Theft Protections, Explanation For Teachers Impacted By Security Breach
7/13/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Second Circuit Ruling On No Child Left Behind
7/12/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Status Of Bernie’s Oil Bankruptcy Case
7/12/2010Attorney General Urges DPUC To Reject $31 Million Water Rate Hike
7/8/2010Attorney General, Child Advocate Investigation Reveals Failure To Adequately Address Reports of Abuse and Neglect By School Employees
7/8/2010Attorney General Praises Appeals Court Decision Affirming Lower Court Ruling Barring Pratt Layoffs
7/6/2010Attorney General Announces Health Net Settlement Involving Massive Security Breach Compromising Private Medical and Financial Info
6/30/2010Attorney General Disappointed By Final DPUC Decision On CL&P Rate Increase
6/29/2010Attorney General Determines Former Mayor Perez Eligible For Pension, Informs Chief State’s Attorney Will Seek Revocation
6/28/2010Attorney General Announces Mailing Of $60,000 In Lakeview Restitution Checks
6/24/2010Attorney General Wins $140,000 In Consumer Restitution, Fines And Costs From Salisbury Vintage Car Business
6/23/2010Attorney General Investigating CVS Caremark Threat To Terminate Consumer Discount Drug Program
6/21/2010Attorney General Joins Coastline States In Letters To BP And Affiliates To Protect State’s Interests From Potential Damage From Oil Spill
6/21/2010Attorney General To Lead Multistate Investigation Of Google’s Unauthorized Collection Of Data Broadcast Over WiFi Networks
6/18/2010Attorney General, In Response To State Senators’ Request, Says Legal Action Against Health Care Act May Financially Harm CT Taxpayers
6/14/2010Attorney General To Seek Deeper Reduction In CL&P Rate Increase
6/11/2010Attorney General Calls DPUC Decision Slashing Connecticut Water Company Rate Increase “Good Start”
6/11/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Kasden Fuel Bankruptcy Filing
6/11/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Kasden Fuel Bankruptcy Filing
6/9/2010Attorney General Warns Consumers To Shun Healthcare Reform Scams
6/8/2010Attorney General Says Google Acknowledges Collecting Data From Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks In Connecticut
6/7/2010Attorney General Asks Google If It Collected Wireless Network Data Without Permission In CT
6/3/2010Attorney General Statement Regarding Request By Higher Education Committee
6/3/2010Murphy, Blumenthal, Alderman Motors Representatives Announce Dealership Will Remain Open
5/25/2010Attorney General Statement On Proposed UI Purchase Of SCG And CNG
5/21/2010Attorney General Applauds $1.1 Million DPUC Fine Against AT&T For Failing To Meet State Repair Rules
5/14/2010Attorney General Urges Topix.Com To Abandon “Pay-To-Police” Policy That Exploits Consumers Victimized By Abusive Internet Posts
5/12/2010Attorney General Says DPUC Ruling Could Eviscerate Consumer Protections Against Poor Phone Service
5/12/2010Attorney General Announces Consumers To Receive $88,000 In Settlement Of Sunrise Herbal Lawsuit
5/6/2010Attorney General Announces Agreement Full Refunds To Over 70 Consumers For Outstanding Gravesite Monuments and Engraving
5/6/2010Attorney General Announces Novartis To Pay State $151,000 For Alleged Illegal Drug Marketing
5/6/2010Attorney General, Healthcare Advocate Say Revelations Of Anthem Errors In California Rate Case Warrant Review Of Rate Increases In CT
4/30/2010 Attorney General Announces New England Pellet To Provide At Least $55,000 In Restitution To Consumers
4/29/2010Attorney General Outraged Over Reported $102 Million Payday For United Healthcare CEO, Urges Insurance Department To Weigh Executive Pay In Future Rate Cases
4/28/2010 Attorney General, DSS Announce $3.15 Million Settlement For Off-Label Marketing Of Antipsychotic Drug Seroquel
4/26/2010Attorney General Fights CL&P Effort To Block Rate Decrease
4/23/2010 Attorney General Submits Congressional Testmony Branding Rating Agencies “Enablers Of Wrongdoing,” Calling For Reform
4/22/2010Attorney General Statement On IDSA Guidelines Review Panel Report
4/21/2010Attorney General Announces Landmark Insurance Case Victory: Court Declares Insurance Broker Should Have Disclosed Hidden Fees To Consumers
4/20/2010 Attorney General Seeks More Details About Student Loan Data Breach Involving 3.3 Million
4/19/2010Attorney General, Banking Sue Westport National Bank, Wilton Investment Manager Seeking $16.2 Million For Defrauded Madoff Investors
4/16/2010 Attorney General Condemns Alleged Goldman Sachs Scam
4/14/2010 Attorney General Urges Certification Requirements For Behavioral Specialists Hired By Public Schools
4/12/2010 Attorney General Calls Draft FED Credit Card Rules “Woefully Inadequate,” Seeks Changes To Compel Interest Rate Rollbacks
4/7/2010Attorney General Urges Action Against China For Currency Manipulation That Has Cost 27,300 CT Jobs
4/6/2010Attorney General Confirms Joint Investigation Of Westport Bank, Investment Company For Allegedly Aiding And Abetting Madoff Scam
4/6/2010Attorney General Announces $2.5 Million Settlement Of Contract Dispute Over Computerized Law Enforcement Database
4/6/2010 Attorney General Announces Claim Letters Sent To F&S Customers, Informational Website Operating
4/5/2010Attorney General Says Credit Rating Overhaul Will Save Towns And Citizens Millions On Interest Payments
4/5/2010Attorney General Demands Businesses Immediately Halt Illegal Sale Of Non-Corrective Cosmetic Contact Lenses
4/1/2010Attorney General Announces Agreement To Stop Hotels From Anticompetitive Exchanges Of Price Information
3/31/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Arrest Of Woman Accused Of False Autism Treatment Credentials
3/30/2010 Attorney General Issues Interim Investigative Report On CT Humane Society
3/30/2010Attorney General, DSS Announce $1.115 Million Recovery From RG Pharmacy For Billing Fraud
3/29/2010Attorney General Investigating Alleged Unauthorized Access Of Patient Information At Griffin Hospital
3/26/2010 Attorney General Announces $150,000 Settlement With R.J. Reynolds Regarding Cartoon Cigarette Ads
3/24/2010 Attorney General Statement On GOP Senators’ Request He Sue To Block Healthcare Reform Law
3/23/2010 Attorney General Announces CT Gift Card Laws To Be Restored For All Gift Cards Issued In State
3/22/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Health Care Bill
3/22/2010 Attorney General Statement On State Supreme Court Education Funding Decision
3/18/2010Attorney General Questions Utilities, Urges Immediate Special DPUC Investigative Proceeding Into Power And Phone Outage Response
3/17/2010 Attorney General Seeks Crackdown On Companies That Misclassify Employees As Independent Contractors
3/15/2010Attorney General Praises Parts Of Financial Reform Bill, Says Consumer Financial Protection Agency Should Be Independent
3/15/2010Attorney General Calls On DPUC To Reject CL&P Request To Eliminate Upcoming 5 Percent Rate Decrease
3/15/2010Attorney General Wins $230,000 Judgment Against Hartford Loan Company Owner
3/15/2010 Attorney General Wins $11,000 For Illegal Excavation Of Contaminated Soil In Stratford
3/12/2010 Attorney General Investigates Toyota Response To Possible Sudden Acceleration Accidents, Asks Company To Probe Recent Connecticut Crashes
3/11/2010Attorney General Applauds Court Decision Finding RJR Deceived Consumers About Health Risks Of Eclipse Cigarettes
3/10/2010 Attorney General Sues Credit Agencies For Tainted Ratings That Enabled Financial Meltdown
3/9/2010 Attorney General Announces Hiring Of Claims Administrator To Distribute $1 Million F&S Oil Settlement To Consumers
3/8/2010Attorney General Notifies Feds Of Antitrust Investigation Into Health Insurance Industry
3/5/2010Attorney General, OCC Ask DPUC To Fine AT&T For Failure To Comply With Orders Related To State Phone Repair Requirements
3/2/2010 Attorney General Announces New Hospital Participation In Charter Oak Following Anthem Agreement
3/1/2010Attorney General Urges Stronger Investigative Power And Penalties For Hospital Errors
3/1/2010Attorney General Urges Disclosure And Limitations On Drug Company Gifts To Doctors
2/26/2010Attorney General Announces Toyota To Cover Cost Of Rentals, Loaners, Tows For Recalled Vehicles
2/25/2010Attorney General Urges President Obama To Stand Ground On Independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency
2/25/2010 Attorney General, Healthcare Advocate Urge Sweeping Reform Of Health Insurance Rate Approval Process
2/23/2010 Attorney General To Defend Decision Barring Pratt Layoffs
2/23/2010Attorney General Statement On Pratt & Whitney Layoffs
2/23/2010 Attorney General Urges Scrutiny When Companies Claim That Electricity Comes From Renewable Energy Sources
2/22/2010Attorney General Blasts Fed For Failing To Meet Deadline For Rules To Roll Back Credit Card Interest Rate, Fee Increases
2/18/2010Attorney General, DEP Announce $1.8 Million Settlement With Industrial Laundry Company For Harmful Emissions
2/16/2010Attorney General Urges Legislature To Establish Condominium Ombudsman To Protect Condo Owners
2/15/2010Attorney General Announces Countrywide Paying $1.27 Million To State Residents Who Lost Homes
2/11/2010Attorney General Says CNG/Southern Will Receive New Level of Service and Safety Scrutiny
2/8/2010Attorney General, OCC Seek DPUC Investigation, Suspension Of Electricity Broker For Alleged $180,000 Fraud
2/8/2010Attorney General Announces Order Permanently Barring Serial Animal Abuser From Owning Or Overseeing Animals
2/8/2010Attorney General Says Millions In Tax Revenue Possible After 148 Taxpayers Acknowledge Offshore Accounts
2/3/2010Attorney General Urges Special Master To Bar $100 Million AIG Bonuses, A Ban On All Bonuses To Employees Of Companies Owing Bailout Funds
2/2/2010Attorney General Finds AG Eligibility Law Constitutional, Says Courts Must Define “Active Practice Of Law”
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today issued a formal legal opinion finding constitutional the statutory requirement that the state attorney general have “at least 10 years’ active practice of law.”
2/1/2010Attorney General Warns Law Firms, Banks and Real Estate Companies To Stop Illegal Evictions
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today a new initiative to aid tenants of foreclosed properties
1/29/2010Attorney General Demands Toyota Tell Consumers Whether Recalled Vehicles Are Safe To Drive
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has demanded that Toyota state whether recalled vehicles are safe to drive and provide additional information
1/27/2010Attorney General Seeks Custody Of Dozens More Neglected Animals Seized From Man With Long History Of Animal Cruelty
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today filed a motion for custody of dozens more animals seized from the property of a man recently arrested for separate animal cruelty
1/27/2010Attorney General Calls On Federal Court To Block
  Attorney General Calls On Federal Court To Block Pratt & Whitney Layoffs
1/26/2010Attorney General Praises Foxwoods-Dealers Union Collective Bargaining Agreement
  I applaud the collective bargaining agreement announced today between Foxwoods and the dealers union
1/25/2010Attorney General Praises Federal Appeals Court Ruling Upholding Berlin Sexually Oriented Businesses Ordinance That Stopped VIP Sex Store
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today praised a federal appeals court decision upholding Berlin’s sexually oriented businesses ordinance
1/25/2010Attorney General Says Nearly 150 CT Sex Offender Profiles Removed From Facebook and Myspace -- More Than 111,000 Removed Nationally To Date
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that Facebook and MySpace have removed nearly 150 Connecticut-based convicted sex offender profiles
1/22/2010Attorney General, 15 Other States Seek To Intervene In Support Of EPA Finding That CO2 Is Health Hazard
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today intervened in a court action to defend the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health
1/22/2010Attorney General, In Written Exceptions, Urges DPUC To Reverse Draft Decision And Block CNG/Southern Layoffs That Threaten Safety and Reliability
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal urged the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) to reverse its draft decision
1/21/2010Attorney General Hails Guilty Plea In Predatory Lending Case, His Lawsuit Continuing
  I praise the hard work and dedication of federal law enforcement officials in obtaining a guilty plea from Jose I. Flores in the VMR Mortgage Company predatory lending scheme
1/21/2010Attorney General’s Statement On Supreme Court Ruling That Rips Apart Restraints On Corporate Campaign Spending
  This split Supreme Court decision is sadly historic -- threatening to drown the voices of ordinary citizens during elections with a flood of unlimited corporate spending
1/21/2010Attorney General Announces Settlement With Vonage, Restitution To Consumers
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that consumers who have unresolved complaints against Vonage
1/21/2010Attorney General Disappointed $104.7 Million Niantic River Railroad Bridge Contract Awarded To Out-Of-State Company, Calls On Winner To Hire State Workers
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today he is disappointed Amtrak awarded to a Maine company the $104.7 million contract
1/20/2010Attorney General Statement Regarding Secretary Of The State’s Request For Legal Opinion
  My office today received a request from Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz for a formal legal opinion
1/20/2010Attorney General’s Statement On U.S. Supreme Court Refusal To Review Defective FAA Flight Paths
  I am deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has declined to review this case, permitting the FAA’s failure to follow its own rules and procedures in implementing new potentially damaging flight paths
1/19/2010Attorney General Statement Regarding Gov’s Office Comments On Charitable License Plate Funds
  We welcome the governor’s statement supporting the general principle that charitable donor intent must be respected and followed
1/19/2010Attorney General Calls For Legislation Restoring At Least $104,000 In License Plate Funds For Animal Population Control, Greenways And Wildlife Conservation
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today called on the governor and lawmakers to enact legislation restoring at least $104,000
1/15/2010Attorney General Announces Bankruptcy Court Upholds Plan To Honor Bernie’s Gift Cards, Deposits
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved a plan today allowing Bernie’s Audio Video TV Appliance Co., Inc. to honor all consumer deposits and gift cards
1/15/2010Attorney General Reiterates Strong Support For Consumer Financial Protection Agency
  As I have done repeatedly in the past, I reiterate my strong support for a federal consumer financial protection agency
1/15/2010Attorney General Says Pratt & Whitney Proved In Court Its Own Failures To Lawfully Protect Ct Jobs
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that Pratt & Whitney has failed to demonstrate that the transfer of about 1,000 Connecticut jobs out of state and overseas will result in any savings during the term of its union contract
1/14/2010Attorney General Says Bernie’s Has Filed For Bankruptcy, Will Seek To Honor Gift Cards And Deposits
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today that Bernie’s Audio Video TV Appliance Co., Inc. has filed a petition for bankruptcy
1/14/2010Attorney General Urges Consumers To Beware Of Haitian Relief Scams
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today urged consumers to be on the lookout for Haitian relief scams in the wake of the earthquake this week that devastated the island nation
1/13/2010Attorney General Laments State’s “F” On Anti-Smoking Efforts From American Lung Association, Calls For Increased Tobacco Prevention, Cessation Spending
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today called on the General Assembly to significantly increase smoking prevention and cessation funding
1/13/2010Attorney General Sues Health Net For Massive Security Breach Involving Private Medical Records And Financial Information On 446,000 Enrollees
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today sued Health Net of Connecticut, Inc. for failing to secure private patient medical records
1/12/2010Attorney General Announces Proposed Deal To Honor At Least Half Of Gift Card Value
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today that the bankrupt Ski Market Ltd., Inc. has preliminarily agreed to honor at least 50 percent of the value of unused gift cards
1/11/2010Attorney General Alleges Operator Of Medical Supply Nonprofit Used Charity Funds For Trips, Concerts And Other Personal Expenses
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today he is suing the former executive director of a medical supply charity
1/8/2010Attorney General To Fight Proposed $210 Million CL&P Rate Increase Erasing 5 Percent Decrease
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today he will fight Connecticut Light & Power’s proposed 5 percent rate hike
1/7/2010Attorney General To Fight Connecticut Water Company Rate Increase Request
  My office will fight this rate increase, seeking deep reductions. I will ask the DPUC to slash unnecessary charges, including the company’s huge proposed return on investment
1/5/2010Attorney General Applauds Guilty Plea By Haven Healthcare CEO
  Ray Termini’s conduct egregiously endangered the health and wellbeing of nursing home residents
1/5/2010Attorney General, As AT&T Announces Job Cuts, Urges Stronger Phone Service Standards At Public Hearing
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal urged the Department of Public Utility Control to strengthen customer service standards
1/4/2010Attorney General, DEP Announce $100,000 Settlement With Plymouth Chemical Company For Clean Water, Hazardous Waste Violations
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced that the state will receive $100,000 from Phoenix Products Company of Plymouth
1/4/2010Attorney General Blasts Banks For Raising Credit Card Interest Rates, Fees On Low Risk Consumers To Cover Losses, Calls On Fed To Roll Back Increases
  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today that the nation’s biggest banking lobby has admitted in a letter to his office that big banks are imposing enormous credit card interest rate and fee increases