Attorney General: Attorney General Departments
Attorney General Departments
 Health Care Fraud / Whistleblower / Health Care Advocacy
  This Department has three distinct units, as its title suggests. The Health Care Fraud Unit conducts investigations of Medicaid provider fraud. The Whistleblower unit reviews and investigates allegations by whistleblowers of improper behaviors of state employees, state agencies, quasi state agencies and large state contractors. The Health Care Advocacy Unit provides advisory assistance to consumers who have health care related problems, particularly those that involve health insurance and managed care coverage denials.
 Whistleblower Unit
  The Attorney Generalís Whistleblower Unit investigates information communicated to the Auditors of Public Accounts or the Attorney General regarding corruption, unethical practices, violation of state laws or regulations, mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority and danger to the public safety occurring in any state agency.
 Health Care Advocacy Unit
  The Health Care Advocacy Unit provides assistance to consumers who have health care problems. This unit provides consumer and provider information.
 Health Care Fraud Unit
  The primary mission of the Health Care Fraud Unit is to discover and take action concerning health care provider fraud that results in financial loss to the State of Connecticut. The Health Care Fraud Unit develops cases independently and in conjunction with other state and federal law enforcement agencies and with state agencies that pay, directly or indirectly, for health care benefits.