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Welcome to the voting rights page of the P&A website

Long before passage of the Help America Vote Act in 2002, P&A established its Every One Counts voting initiative. Since 2000, we have been educating voters with disabilities and registrars; evaluating polling places; developing educational materials; registering voters; and encouraging good election legislation that ensures equal opportunity. The process is multi-faceted, but the goal is simple: To ensure that people with disabilities have the same right to vote privately and independently as everyone else.

Some of the website material is divided between the informational needs of Voters with Disabilities and those of Registrars of Voters.  We believe that both groups are our constituents. Registrars have a complex job with a wide range of responsibilities. We hope that, by providing them with important information on the rights of voters with disabilities, we are able to support them in their crucial work.

Voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. For every person who does not vote, our democracy is weakened; for every person who does, it gets stronger. Thatís why our message is as relevant now as it was twelve years ago:  Every One Counts!


Information for Voters with Disabilities

Information for Registrars of Voters

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