Governor Rell: Governor Rell, Congressman Shays Announce $600,000 for Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mills Site in Redding

Press Releases - 02/2006

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M. Jodi Rell

February 17, 2006
Adam Liegeot 

Governor Rell, Congressman Shays Announce $600,000

for Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mills Site in Redding


Governor M. Jodi Rell and Congressman Christopher Shays announced today that the state has awarded the town of Redding a $600,000 Small Cities grant for the demolition and cleanup of three buildings located on the old Gilbert and Bennett Wire Mills property.  State funding will be used to contain the high amounts of lead, asbestos, and other hazardous materials that currently exist at the site.


The town of Redding is partnering with the Georgetown Land Development Company to revitalize the former wire mill industrial site.  The overall project will combine and include a variety of uses such as market rate residential housing; affordable senior housing; artist style lofts; the return of the Georgetown Train Station; a community theater, commercial, retail and office space; and other public and community facilities.


“By demolishing these two mills, not only will we be cleaning up a brownfield site, but we will also be creating hundreds of new homes and generating new revenue for the town and state,” Governor Rell said.  “Bringing properties like this back into productive reuse is a key to successful community redevelopment.”


            “Georgetown Land Development Company is creating not only a model community, but a model for sustainable, community-based development nationwide," Congressman Shays said.  “This grant will help make that vision a reality.”


            “I am absolutely delighted that Redding is getting this grant,” said Senator Judith G. Freedman (R-26).  “It will certainly help to turn a brownfield into a beautiful residential and commercial community.”


“The Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mills project is an innovative and unique project. It will feature a compatible mix of residential, commercial and recreational facilities as well as easy access to mass transit. It will be a self-contained community that exemplifies ‘smart growth’ at its best – and it will be a valuable asset to the town for years to come. This grant will provide the additional resources needed to move the project along and ensure it is completed on a timely basis,” said state Representative Hank W. Bielawa, R-2nd District.


             “This project will eliminate a major eyesore and remediate a significant and long-standing environmental problem in the Georgetown section of town. It will provide new commercial and recreational outlets for residents and expand the town’s tax base.  I’m pleased that we were able to get the state involved in the cleanup and the effort to obtain additional funding for this important project. It will be a major attraction for Redding and the surrounding towns,” said state Representative John E. Stripp, R-135th District.


The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program provides grants to eligible municipalities for economic development, affordable housing, community facilities and services, and revitalization or development projects.  The funds are supplied by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the Department of Economic and Community Development. 

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