Governor Rell: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In her role as Governor and the top constitutional officer of our state, what are her direct responsibilities?


The Governor (1) provides the executive direction and supervision over the Executive Branch including 55,000 employees; (2) appoints agency/department commissioners, members of boards and commissions, trustees and other officials; (3) presents a two-year budget package to the General Assembly; and (4) approves or vetoes legislation approved by both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly.


What are the Governor’s office policies?


Governor Rell and her staff abide by various office policies, including ethics policy, affirmative action laws, Americans with Disabilities Act, Connecticut Policy for a Drug Free Workplace, Policy on Life-Threatening and Communicable Disease, Anti-Harassment Policy and Electronic Monitoring Notice. You will find more information on Governor Rell’s office policies by clicking on “Publications” found on the homepage.


What is the procedure for inviting the Governor to an event?


Due to the volume of invitations the Governor receives each day requesting her presence at an event, the Governor’s scheduler requests that all invitations be submitted in writing. You can send an invitation by mail to the address located on the front page or access the online invitation form located under “Online Forms.” The Governor does not schedule events more than 30 days in advance due to the number of invitations she receives each day.


What is the procedure for requesting a proclamation or citation?


You can submit a request for a proclamation or citation by clicking on “Online Forms.” In addition, you can reach the Governor’s Proclamations/Citations Office by calling (860) 566-4840 or (800) 406-1527.


What is the process for being considered for an appointment by the Governor to a state board or commission?


The Governor’s website provides specific details on the appointment process, the complete list of state boards and commissions and a downloadable background form that all applicants must complete before they are considered for an appointment by the Governor. If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please click on “Online Forms” located on the homepage.


What is the policy when it comes to submitting e-mails through the Governor’s website?


You should be aware that ALL electronic mail submitted through this website may be considered “public records or files” as those terms are defined in Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act. Public records and files may be subject to disclosure to persons other than the addressee.


Does Governor Rell have other offices in Connecticut in addition to her office at the State Capitol in Hartford?


To make her office and staff most accessible to the people of Connecticut, Governor Rell has a Southwestern Connecticut Office located in Bridgeport, Eastern Connecticut Office in Norwich and an office in Washington D.C. The contact information for each office can be found by clicking on “Contact Governor Rell” on the homepage.


Who are the Governor’s Executive Staff Members?


Chief of Staff – M. Lisa Moody

Chief Legal Counsel – Mary Anne O'Neill

Communications Office – Adam Liegeot, Rich Harris, Donna Tommelleo

Director of Legislative/Policy – Chelsea Turner

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