Governor Rell: Gov. Rell Tells HHS State Interested in High-Risk Insurance Pool Program

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M. Jodi Rell

April 30, 2010

Governor Rell Tells HHS State Interested in

High-Risk Insurance Pool Program



            Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that the state has informed U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius that Connecticut is interested in submitting an application to participate in the creation of a high-risk insurance pool to help cover the expenses of people whose pre-existing medical conditions make it difficult – or impossible – for them to otherwise find insurance coverage.


            Connecticut already has a similar pool – the Health Reinsurance Association (HRA) – and the new venture, which is being put in place as a requirement of the federal health care reform bill passed by Congress, would be administered by the HRA and offered by Connecticut’s Department of Social Services.


            “The letter of intent I sent today would allow us to form a partnership with the federal government to bolster the assistance we currently offer to people who have trouble finding insurance because of their medical conditions,” Governor Rell said. “However, I made it clear in the letter that we are not absolutely committing ourselves at this point – and that our participation will depend on the state not being forced to pick up any additional financial burdens as a result of the new venture. Given the current state of Connecticut’s budget, we simply cannot afford any new mandate that is not fully supported by federal funding.


            Connecticut and Minnesota were the first states to create an HRP program in 1976,” the Governor said. “Most recently, the Charter Oak Health Plan I developed began offering medical coverage to uninsured and underinsured Connecticut residents without any exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions. Our state has a proud history of working to help people who cannot find or afford health coverage, and I look forward to exploring this new possibility further.”


            Today was the deadline for states to inform the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) whether they were interested in applying to the high-risk insurance pool program. Governor Rell also noted in her letter that the state’s application would be contingent upon its ability to meet guidelines that HHS will be releasing in June.

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