Governor Rell: Gov. Rell: Stimulus $$$ to Upgrade, Enhance Criminal Justice IT System

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M. Jodi Rell

April 17, 2010

Governor Rell: $3 Million in Federal Funds

To Upgrade, Enhance Criminal Justice IT System


Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced the state will dedicate $3 million in federal funds to the Division of Criminal Justice to modernize its information technology (IT) system, allowing prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies to quickly share the most up-to-date data on offenders and greatly enhance public safety.


The Governor said the initiative is the latest step in an ongoing effort to bring sweeping reforms and upgrades to the state’s criminal justice system. The $3 million initiative is funded through a combination of federal criminal justice grants, including federal stimulus funds awarded to the Office of Policy and Management.


 “Keeping our families and communities safe is the most important task of government,” Governor Rell said. “The dedicated men and women who keep dangerous criminals off the streets must have the best technology and tools available to carry out that mission.”


“A state-of-the-art case management system has long been the first priority of the Division of Criminal Justice. The funding being announced today begins the process of ensuring that decision makers throughout the system from police and prosecutors through probation, corrections and parole will have access to information necessary to enable them to make informed decisions,” said Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane.


During the next three years, the Division of Criminal Justice will build a modern information technology system that will enable the prosecutors and investigators to manage their cases electronically and benefit from sharing critical data by linking various criminal justice databases.  This initiative also lays the groundwork for the more comprehensive Connecticut Information Sharing System (CISS) which will allow all criminal justice and law enforcement agencies throughout the state to have access to one centralized database of information. 


The initiative will be implemented in three phases with the planning and development phased already underway; and it is expected that the final phase will conclude by 2013. The funds will be used to purchase computer hardware for the entire Division, purchase software for a case management system, training for all users, and consultant services to design the framework of the new system and develop inter-connectivity with other existing systems.




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